Talk to me

Posted: June 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

Since I discovered the wonders of the internet, I have made
too many attempts of maintaining an online journal of some
sorts. And I never succeeded. Of course, I get to write the
obligatory first entry to announce to the interwebs that I
have infiltrated their world. But then the fire burns down.
Without even leaving ashes behind. I suddenly find myself
losing the motivation to write, running out of ideas, or
simply too lazy to get my fingers tapping and the creative
juices flowing.

This, again, is another attempt to really doing it. I am
looking forward to the end of the year when I can proudly
say "I did it". If it's any consolation for me, I have been
going through a lot lately. I am now harboring a lot of
angst towards a lot of things going on with my life, so
motivation will keep pouring in. Also, I still don't know
how it came to this, but I actually think that I don't have
a friend to REALLY TALK with these days. Yes I get the
occasional hi's and hello's, how are you's and take care's
but it simply ends there. I don't have anyone to talk to.

To make it official, let this little webspace be an absorber
of all the things too hard to discuss with other people who
only hear but do not listen.
  1. jing cerda says:

    now i’m talking to you. haha.. think you’re just missing your old buddies.. forgive and forget then this blog will soon come to its end.

    • kleypas says:

      yeah i miss my true friends. i hate just talking to acquaintances coz they just wont understand me. they think they have me all figured out so they don’t even attempt to get to know the real me.

      thanks jing for trying to understand me. 🙂 i know i might be hard headed but i am thinking about your advice. 🙂

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