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After an unprecedented hiatus, I come back to my little corner in cyberspace to rant about recent shiznitz in my so-called life.

To top it off, I now make it official that I really fail in life. Oh how I wish I could enumerate the things I fail at. But for my sanity’s sake, and also pride, I will not write about them now.

Instead, I will gloat on my not so secret hang ups. Like my job. This job had slowly deteriorated my already deteriorating life. Social life to be exact. I rarely go out with friends now. Not that they do not ask me out, I keep bailing out on them in exchange of other overly pathetic activities – like cleaning the bathroom or folding my laundry. Stress from work is getting the best of me. I semi-consciously turn into an anti-social loner whenever reports pile up. Again, not that I cannot afford to put things off to tomorrow. I just tend to get stressed over work just thinking about them. Bleeech!

If there’s one good thing about my situation now, it is that I know I am not alone in this. Funny how almost everyone in the office feels like they’re stuck in a rut yet still thinks twice about leaving the company. No one can blame us, though. The friendship amongst us that developed over time is really priceless – unparalleled if I may say so.

But is it worth staying just because of friendship and other mushy whatnots? Is it worth all the stress, hyperacidity, sleeplessness and maybe even carpal tunnel syndrome? God, hopefully not the carpal tunnel. :S *shudder*

What do you do when getting to work feels like an everyday visit to hell?

P.S. I just realized I did not write about the thing I originally intended to write. Hence the unrelated title. I was supposed to talk about this douchebag jerk who I now wish was dead. But whatever.