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Wednesday, July 7

4:27 PM
I have an interview with another company in less than three hours. I feel all jittery and shit coz I really don’t know what to expect. It’s been almost two years since I last applied for a job. In a way, Globe has been some sort of my comfort zone for the past years. But now, I really feel that I need to move on with my career (read: leave Globe) as I feel like I am being left behind in the race to success.

Come to think of it. I have been with the company for almost two years now (I’m turning two on the 16th) and I haven’t been promoted yet. No sign of promotion in the coming months, too. Most important to note – my salary has increased minimally. Newly hired staff these days gets paid more than I do. Freakin’ unfair if you ask me. Better just leave the company then than wait forever to get a significant raise or promotion.
So now, I’m trying to look for other opportunities – local and abroad. I would really like my next job to be high paying since I wanna save up for Graduate School. I think I might take a Masterals course next year. Therefore, I really need to save moolah as much as I can.

In other news, looking forward to this weekend. Something nice MIGHT happen and I HOPE I’m gonna get some. Meh. Been so long since the last one so I still don’t know what to expect. Praying for nothing but good things to come.

4:40 PM
Will have to present a report to the team tomorrow. Need to craft 3 slides or so. God, I hope I won’t mess up. I’m irked by my voice now, though. It’s all croaky and hoarse. I effin sound like a man. Ugh.

Oh, need to print a copy of my resume. I don’t have an envelope though. Will search through my file cabinet in a while. If I don’t have one, will just have to ask from Jing. Meh, I’m really nervous. LOL? Not.

Gaaaaaah! Still in the office. One hour til the interview. Jitters jitters. And I still have yet to print my resume. Ugh. This Angel, what a crammer.

A New Leaf

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Tuesday, July 6

10:32 AM
Decided weeks ago to stop writing in my daily journal. It got boring after 6 months. Plus it’s too robotic – going home by the end of the day, trying to fight off sleep just so can update said journal with what I ate or who pissed me off that day. Then on weekends, I usually just stay at home, so my weekend entries are pretty much the same all throughout except when I travel or go home to he province. Meh. Better just drop the whole thing then.

So, Malaysia trip was a total success. I managed to get my heel cut by corals and my leg bitten by fishies but nonetheless, a very fun vacation overall. I tried parasailing for the first time. It’s so peaceful up there in the air. Time and all thoughts seemed to freeze and did nothing but absorb the majestic view. It would have been nice to share that moment with a special someone, but yeah, I don’t have a boyfriend so fucket.

10:52 AM
Ugh. Boss keeps coming to my desk to ask something. Will get back to this latah.

Was not able to continue thoughts for the day. LOL. I’m such a loser sometimes.