A New Leaf

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

Tuesday, July 6

10:32 AM
Decided weeks ago to stop writing in my daily journal. It got boring after 6 months. Plus it’s too robotic – going home by the end of the day, trying to fight off sleep just so can update said journal with what I ate or who pissed me off that day. Then on weekends, I usually just stay at home, so my weekend entries are pretty much the same all throughout except when I travel or go home to he province. Meh. Better just drop the whole thing then.

So, Malaysia trip was a total success. I managed to get my heel cut by corals and my leg bitten by fishies but nonetheless, a very fun vacation overall. I tried parasailing for the first time. It’s so peaceful up there in the air. Time and all thoughts seemed to freeze and did nothing but absorb the majestic view. It would have been nice to share that moment with a special someone, but yeah, I don’t have a boyfriend so fucket.

10:52 AM
Ugh. Boss keeps coming to my desk to ask something. Will get back to this latah.

Was not able to continue thoughts for the day. LOL. I’m such a loser sometimes.


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