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Cagayan de Oro

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Where Have I Been?
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Sooooo… I went to CDO last January, right? I consider it as a kickoff for 2011 as a travel year, if my bank account permits. LOL. Obligatory blog post on CDO ensues…

CDO is dubbed as the City of Golden Friendship. I didn’t know this until we got to the airport and saw signs all over the place. My ignorant face was greeted by this:

I didn’t even research on CDO before I ventured on this trip. So I was pretty surprised when I saw this board and realized I’m actually in Mindanao. I have never been to Mindanao before! The farthest I’ve ever been down south is Cebu.

Upon arrival, travel buds and I took a cab to our hotel. The hotel was pretty mediocre, with the elevator buttons the only notable thing in it. I’ve never seen an elevator with buttons as techie-looking as what that hotel had. The rustic blogger in me didn’t take a single picture. FML.

First night was uneventful. We took a power nap upon arrival to the hotel. Then we walked to their Divisoria where there were lots of food waiting to be devoured by hungry tourists and locals alike. They got a Banchetto-like thing a-going on that little stretch of road. There were even bands doing live performances to entertain the diners. Again, no pictures. LOL.

On our second day, we were off to an early start. We booked a whitewater rafting adventure and the guides were to pick us up from the hotel by 7:30AM.

Just a little snap before we die on the river. Kidding. Nope, nobody died, much to my enemies’ disappointment. LOL.

We went for the “wild ride”. Prior to the trip, we were told that we could opt for a normal ride or a wild ride. Wild means they’ll get to flip our raft and throw us overboard into the chilly waters of Cagayan de Oro river. We only got to flip over two times. Richard got traumatized when he got trapped under our upturned raft on the second flip. Excitement level plummeted down after that.

Nero and I jumped off the raft at one point and swam downstream because 1) we got bored of sitting and paddling, and 2) we badly needed to pee. LOL. Then we went past this really huge boulder where other rafters were getting their picture taken. And because we’re inggitera like that, we also had to try it out ourselves. To get back to the water, we had to jump off the rock. And believe me! It was not easy! My heart dropped whenever I look down the murky water. After thousands of years, LOL, I just went for it and jumped! Yay!

The river is 117KM long with 21 major rapids (if my memory serves me right). We were on the water for a good 5 hours or so. We even had our merienda, pastel of course, in the middle of the river! We drifted down the seemingly endless river backwards, standing, lying down. It was all sorts of fun in many levels. Whenever we pass through still waters, I look around the surrounding lush greens and think to myself “NATURE IS BEAUTIFUL”. Corny di ba? But seriously, I was really thinking those exact words.

Later that day, we were joined by Aben (Richard’s HS friend) and had our dinner at Sunburst Chicken. Then Aben brought us to Missy Bon Bon for some delish gelato.

The next day, we took a bus to Duka Bay. Again, I was surprised to learn that this was already in the lands of Camiguin.

The day was dreary so there were no water activities available save for the glass-bottom boat ride which left me seasick as hell.

Then I went back to the hotel to pack my things, waited for our delayed flight back to Manila, and capped the night with a promise to fill this year with more adventure.

What Kind of Fries Are You?

Posted: February 10, 2011 in The Internet is Awesome

I was dicking around the internet when I chanced upon this quirky survey. I was like: WTF is this? Are there even different kinds of fries? But being the sucker of quirkiness, and a fast food junkie at that, I tried it out. And here’s the result I got:

You Are Fast Food Fries
• You are easygoing and happy-go-lucky. You try to avoid complaining.
• You’re up for having a good time anywhere, and you definitely aren’t a snob.
• You are more honest and modest than most people. You don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t.
• You aren’t preachy or judgmental. We all have our vices… you just think we should enjoy them more.

Go try it out and let’s see what kind of fries are you. 

I have feelings too, you know…

Posted: February 9, 2011 in The Daily Grind

I try hard to be a good friend. Oh God knows how hard I try. But it seems like life tries to dish to me its hardest lessons through my friendships/relationships with others.

I have my fair share of equally varied yet awesome friends. I am proud of the fact that I have at least three people in my life that I can actually call my best friends. I invest a lot of emotions on my friends – prolly more than I’m willing to bank on a significant other.

But like relationships (I mean the romantic kinds), friendships bring more than happy moments peppered with butterfly kisses.

I am known by most of my friends as the tough one, the logical one. The not too emotional one. And true to my colors, I am that… And a lot more.

Contrary to popular belief, I do have personal problems. I do get hurt. I do have feelings. There are hurled words or certain actions that hurt me in certain ways. Like other people, I too, deserve the right to be pained, and to express my pain, and do things to erase the pain. I may not be too melodramatic about my feelings (coz I was never a fan of melodramas), but yeah, the feelings are there. You can’t hurt me and just get away with it. A sliver of trust and love and understanding withers away with every unkind word intended for me.

To cut to the chase, treat me with respect and I’ll give you back that respect tenfold. Be unkind to me, and you’ll get what you deserve. I am not afraid to burn bridges.