What I Have Been Up To (February 2011)

Posted: March 17, 2011 in The Daily Grind
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• Boss took a Birthday leave and left me in charge. And I dared take my extended lunch break at Uncle Moe’s Shawarma. No worries, reports were delivered on time still. Chicken feed.
• Got addicted to Angry Birds! There were nights I literally forced my eyes open just so I could finish a certain level.
• No response whatsoever from ***. Sucks balls.
• Attended the First Friday Mass at the office sponsored by our Department. Second shot at attempting to hear mass every week. And I failed miserably.
• Celebrated Chinese New Year with 25C ladies + Fridel by having dinner at Mr. Choi and dessert from Banchetto. Not even one of us is Chinese.
WENT TO EK!!! Bossing brought the whole BI team to Enchanted Kingdom! Everything was doubly fun for me coz it was my first time there. Brought home a toy to remember the day by.
• Experienced body pains and lost voice from all the screaming and jumping around at EK. Not complaining. SO NOT COMPLAINING.
• Had dinner with Timmy and Rio at TOSH. Caught up on each other’s goings on. I terribly missed them.
• Blogged about friendship. Made me reevaluate my relationships with other people. Sometimes, I just feel that I do not have the right to show pain and weakness. So not right.
• Watched Borat. LOL.
• Bid goodbye to 25C. I lived there for a year but it feels longer. I think we will always be 25C girls at heart.
• Watched Valentine’s Day aka last movie seen at 25C. LOL, senti.
• Moved to 3G. We’re now the three girls at 3G. Haha. Get it? 3 Girls? 3G? OKAY.
• Almost froze my buns to death at Antipolo with Peyups Kulits.
• Back to commuting to work after a year! I got used to just crossing a road to get to the office. Now, I need to ride a jeep to and from work. Hello, pollution!
• Stuffed myself silly with fruits because my colds and runny nose are bothering me. And for the life of me, I couldn’t get myself to drink meds. So fruits it is.
• Went to UP FAIR to catch Sugarfree’s last UP GIG. #CREYCREYCREY
• Went on my first shopping trip for the year. Went home with new shirts and leggings. I think I’m swearing off jeans forever.
• Watched Just Go With It.
• Brought baon lunch at work! It made me giddy excited. I never experienced having baon as a kid.
• Went home to Ilocos for our town fiesta. It’s been almost 7 years since I last attended a fiesta at home. And my grandma was there too. Happy days!
• Watched Gulliver’s Travel and Evan Almighty on the bus to Ilocos.


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