Movie 5 of 100: The Social Network

Posted: March 18, 2011 in 100 Movies
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It all started when Mark got dumped by his girl and he went bitching about her in his blog. Then he worked on a program, “FaceMash”, which rates women based on their hotness. Overnight, it went viral at Harvard and the massive traffic caused parts of the University’s network to go down. Because of this hoax, he went under probation and was hated by most, if not all, of Harvard’s women. FaceMash’s infamy brought him to the attention of hot twins who were working on a website, and then they hired him as a programmer.

Mark flocked by his roommates as he creates FaceMash based on Eduardo's chess logic

Mark had this idea to create a social networking website exclusively for Harvard University students which he called “TheFacebook”. He approached his best friend Eduardo for help, the latter agreed and they start the site. The hot twin heard about it and thought that Awkberg stole the core idea from them.

Trivia (which everyone probably already knows by now): The twins were played by only one actor

Mark and Eduardo met this hot chick and her other hot friend and used the phrase “Facebook us”. Hot chick introduced another friend but said another friend was clueless of TheFacebook as she does not go to Harvard. Mark then decided to expand to other universities which further infuriated the hot twins. Mark and Eduardo arranged a meeting with Justin Timberlake who was presumably another internet genius. Justin won Mark’s heart and Eduardo’s jealousy.

During his first meeting with Mark and Eduardo

Justin suggested to drop the “The” and just name the site “Facebook”. Mark and Justin are now the new BFFs, Eduardo and Mark goes astray. Facebook prospered and expanded to other continents. The hot twins and Eduardo sued Mark’s ass, Justin got arrested due to possession of cocaine. Film ends with Mark sending a friend request to her ex-GF and refreshing the page every few seconds waiting for her approval.

I enjoyed the film despite some rather boring scenes where everyone was just blabbering. Oh well, this movie is full of talk anyway, so that’s not saying anything. But if you’re one who enjoys “intellectual” (LOL) movies, this one is highly recommended (that is, if you haven’t seen it yet coz apparently, it’s been months since this was shown in the movies).

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