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I have been hearing about SOM’S Noodle House from officemates for the longest time but I never really got to try it until a few weeks ago. Thanks to Mike for bringing us there for his post-birthday dinner. ☺

We couldn’t get off work early enough then we got stuck in traffic so when we got there, the early birds already ordered our meal. No problem though coz I was never a picky eater, I could eat anything I am given as long as it’s not downright gross. Downside is I could not remember the dishes’ names! Haha! Thanks to Google, I (hopefully) correctly identified most, if not all of them.

For starters, we had Catfish Salad and Lumpiang Shanghai. The lumpia was forgettable, nothing notable about it. The salad, on the other hand, was a total hit. It had a generous mix of chopped tomatoes, onions, whole roasted peanuts, and thin slices of mango. To top it off were crunchy bits of fried catfish.

We also had two versions of their Phad Thai – pork and shrimp. To be honest though, I thought they tasted the same. Heck, they even looked the same!

Their Red Shrimp Curry was also good. Not too spicy but not too dull either. However, a serving is not ideal to be shared by a big group because it only had a few pieces of shrimps in it.

If my memory serves me right, below are the Red Pork Curry and Green Beef Curry. There was something about the green curry that I didn’t like. Maybe I’m not just used to the overpowering taste of the authentic spices in it.

The winner of the night for me was their Fried Lapu-lapu. Or at least I think it was lapu-lapu. Haha!

For drinks, most of us had their Thai Tea. It was too sweet for my taste and we kept asking for more ice cubes to dilute it with.

All in all, it was a very good dinner. Made even better by good company. ☺ I will definitely be going back to SOM’S to try out the other items in their menu.

Lunch the other day was spicy tuna with cabbage. This kind of combination was a first for me and it was surprisingly good. I think you could put cabbage in anything and the dish would still be good – mainly because cabbage does not have a very strong taste to it.

Okay, on to more exciting news. We already bought a fridge and stove for our apartment!☺ Last night, I cooked beef and broccoli stir fry.

3 cloves of garlic
1 whole onion
1 head of broccoli
¼ kilo beef strips
Cooking oil, salt, pepper, water and soy sauce

It is a very basic dish and anyone can do it. Sauté garlic and onion in a few drops of cooking oil. Then put in the beef, add salt and pepper to taste. Add a little amount of soy to darken the sauce a bit. Add desired amount of water. (I’m not really a fan of measurements; I just add and taste along the way.) I ended up adding more water again and again coz the beef strips were tougher that I expected. Once the meat’s all tender and done, throw in the broccoli. And voila! You got yourself a meal.

I enjoyed cooking it and I’d definitely be cooking more in the near future.

So, what’s your favorite meal to cook?

I’m starting up on one of the items in my Bucket List: Bring packed lunch to work.

Today’s lunch is nothing fancy, primarily due to the fact that we do not have a stove in the apartment yet so we’re cooking everything on the rice cooker. This entails a longer cooking time as the amount of heat it gives off is not as much as that of a regular stove. Things should be better soon as Nero and I are buying a fridge and stove later after work.

Anyway, I just chopped up some garlic, onions and potatoes. Scratch that. Nero did all the chopping because I was such in a hurry because I needed to be in the office before 8:05am. Thanks Nero! ☺

Sautée the garlic first, let it brown. Put in the onions; stir around until they turn into a transparent color. Then in goes the potatoes. Add some salt and pepper to taste and a tad bit of water for the potatoes to cook well. When almost all the water is absorbed by the potatoes, put in the canned corned beef. And voila! There’s your lunch!

In a futile attempt to keep things healthy, we use brown rice instead of the more usual white one.

I’m looking forward to cooking more dishes in the future. Huzzah for domestication!

One Post Down!

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430 in the morning yesterday, I woke up to pee and check on my crops in Zombie Farm. (lol, summadies addicted to games!) I was trying soooo hard to get back to sleep because, kamown! It’s Sunday! I had no business being up and about at such ungodly hours. Plus I didn’t have any activities planned as I already made excuses to M just so we wouldn’t go out. Meh. I dunno. I just didn’t feel like seeing his face.

Then suddenly, BAWM! All my hopes on getting back to Dreamland went kaput as I heard a loud bang. If I hadn’t peed earlier, I would have wet myself because I was just so shaken. At exactly the same time as the bang, our electricity got cut off and people were shouting. Thoughts came rushing to my mind – mebbe a gas tank exploded, mebbe there was a fight outside or I dunno, mebbe summady fired a gun at our electric box thingie. Then I panicked more as the idea of fire came to mind. I facken rushed out and ran to the fire exit. Then I ran back to our room as I realized there was no fire. Lol. Then everybody gradually quieted down so Julie and I just went back to sleep despite the heat. Electricity was still not back on.

As we were headed out for breakfast (we couldn’t cook at home because we need electricity to do so), we learned that an electrical post a few meters away from our building got knocked down and the one directly in front of our house was actually split in the middle but didn’t give in just yet.

That's the one directly in front of our building. It's broken in the middle but it didn't fall down just yet.

Good thing the Meralco people immediately came to the rescue and were fixing the cables and other thingamajigs in no time. Julie and I decided to go to Megamall to leech off on Starbuck’s aircon and electricity. We spent the whole day at the mall; Julie doing stuff for her thesis while I watched movies and downloaded more iPod games. We went home around 6-ish hoping against all hopes that the power was already back on. And it was indeed back! Yay! And the day ended with Jollibee chicken and palabok in ma belleh!

The Meralco people. They brought in a new concrete post to replace the one that went down.

I was disappointed though. This story would have been more exciting if guns were really involved. Meh.

Rio and her high school batchmates went to Tagaytay for a day trip and the kaladkarin in me became giddy with excitement when she mentioned that I could come along. This means though that I won’t be able to attend the Sunday mass and therefore break my self-imposed pact of hearing mass every week. So I went to UP on Saturday afternoon for the anticipated mass and also dropped off the race kits for Ate Joyce. She took my place in the Run for Home event because I sprained my ankle days before.

Come Sunday, Rio and the rest of the gang picked me up and we hauled our butts to Tagaytay. Good thing I already met most of her friends who came along and they remembered me so it was a lot less awkward for me and I didn’t really stick out like a sore thumb.

To thank Rio for the invitation, I thought of giving gave her a bar of dark chocolate. I still have another one at home and I’m not really a fan of sweets so I’m having a hard time finishing all of it.

Along the way, they pulled out a pack of Nutri Star and joked about how it was actually our ulam. The variant they had was lechon manok flavored, that’s why. I tried one out but didn’t really like it ‘coz it was too ma-umami for my taste, so yay! More ulam for them. Haha!

Ten of us were cramped inside JR’s car. I believe it was most torturous for four of us at the back because we had minimal leg room and head room.

Meet Mycah. As soon as we got to the park, she jumped off the car and started posing for the camera. She is not shy at all. Here she is barely 5 minutes upon arrival. I couldn’t count the times she stroke this pose that day.

Here’s JR and Rhea, the cute couple who owned the car we had. Later that day, I learned that they just got married and just had a baby. It is not evident on Rhea’s slim bod though that she’s already a momma.

The air in Tagaytay is definitely fresher and cooler that what we have in the Metro. Thanks to the lush greens all around.

Here’s Josh smiling for the camera. I actually met him months before but he doesn’t remember me. #creycreycrey Not surprisingly though, he remembers Henry, my camera.

With me in the photo are Diam and Milag. I have met Diam before but it was my first time meeting Milag. I was shocked by her boyfriend woes while we were on the road. Also, thanks to her we got a shitload of hotdogs to munch on.

Paola is one of Rio’s friends I am most familiar with. I was surprised her hair is actually that long. The previous times I’ve seen her, she has her hair bundled in a bunch.

Another familiar face for me was Pipoy. I remember that time when Timmy, Rio and I spent the night at his place, talking about inappropriate things. Haha.

I’ll just dump photos from here on and let the captions tell the story.

After feasting on giniling, chicken and hotdogsssss, we decided to walk around. The winds were really strong and here's Pao on a roller coaster. LOL

And now, here's Rio doing the roller coaster move. Ang saya lang niya. =)

Told you, winds were strong. Here's Diam's Sadako shot

JR took over the camera and took pictures of us from every angle possible

Because none of us was up for it, we just watched other people on the zip line

Potential album cover. LOL

There's a jam forming behind us. Do we look like we care? NOT!

The view was great, if not for the fog.

Just another shot with the wonderful view as background

Pipoy harassing a young tree =)

Mycah's infamous hair flip

Pao's perfect jump shot

Rio and I buying pasalubong. LOL. Kala mo ang layo ng pinuntahan.

Rio and I on a tree


There were stalls selling flowers for a very cheap price

Stop over at Colette's to buy buko pie

Photo op with Shalani at Paseo de Sta. Rosa. KANTANONG!

I’d love to go back to Tagaytay someday. I really had fun and I’m looking forward to more adventures with these guys. ♥♥♥