One Post Down!

Posted: April 4, 2011 in The Daily Grind
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430 in the morning yesterday, I woke up to pee and check on my crops in Zombie Farm. (lol, summadies addicted to games!) I was trying soooo hard to get back to sleep because, kamown! It’s Sunday! I had no business being up and about at such ungodly hours. Plus I didn’t have any activities planned as I already made excuses to M just so we wouldn’t go out. Meh. I dunno. I just didn’t feel like seeing his face.

Then suddenly, BAWM! All my hopes on getting back to Dreamland went kaput as I heard a loud bang. If I hadn’t peed earlier, I would have wet myself because I was just so shaken. At exactly the same time as the bang, our electricity got cut off and people were shouting. Thoughts came rushing to my mind – mebbe a gas tank exploded, mebbe there was a fight outside or I dunno, mebbe summady fired a gun at our electric box thingie. Then I panicked more as the idea of fire came to mind. I facken rushed out and ran to the fire exit. Then I ran back to our room as I realized there was no fire. Lol. Then everybody gradually quieted down so Julie and I just went back to sleep despite the heat. Electricity was still not back on.

As we were headed out for breakfast (we couldn’t cook at home because we need electricity to do so), we learned that an electrical post a few meters away from our building got knocked down and the one directly in front of our house was actually split in the middle but didn’t give in just yet.

That's the one directly in front of our building. It's broken in the middle but it didn't fall down just yet.

Good thing the Meralco people immediately came to the rescue and were fixing the cables and other thingamajigs in no time. Julie and I decided to go to Megamall to leech off on Starbuck’s aircon and electricity. We spent the whole day at the mall; Julie doing stuff for her thesis while I watched movies and downloaded more iPod games. We went home around 6-ish hoping against all hopes that the power was already back on. And it was indeed back! Yay! And the day ended with Jollibee chicken and palabok in ma belleh!

The Meralco people. They brought in a new concrete post to replace the one that went down.

I was disappointed though. This story would have been more exciting if guns were really involved. Meh.

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