Dinner at SOM’S

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Bucket List, Picdump, Tummy Fillers
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I have been hearing about SOM’S Noodle House from officemates for the longest time but I never really got to try it until a few weeks ago. Thanks to Mike for bringing us there for his post-birthday dinner. ☺

We couldn’t get off work early enough then we got stuck in traffic so when we got there, the early birds already ordered our meal. No problem though coz I was never a picky eater, I could eat anything I am given as long as it’s not downright gross. Downside is I could not remember the dishes’ names! Haha! Thanks to Google, I (hopefully) correctly identified most, if not all of them.

For starters, we had Catfish Salad and Lumpiang Shanghai. The lumpia was forgettable, nothing notable about it. The salad, on the other hand, was a total hit. It had a generous mix of chopped tomatoes, onions, whole roasted peanuts, and thin slices of mango. To top it off were crunchy bits of fried catfish.

We also had two versions of their Phad Thai – pork and shrimp. To be honest though, I thought they tasted the same. Heck, they even looked the same!

Their Red Shrimp Curry was also good. Not too spicy but not too dull either. However, a serving is not ideal to be shared by a big group because it only had a few pieces of shrimps in it.

If my memory serves me right, below are the Red Pork Curry and Green Beef Curry. There was something about the green curry that I didn’t like. Maybe I’m not just used to the overpowering taste of the authentic spices in it.

The winner of the night for me was their Fried Lapu-lapu. Or at least I think it was lapu-lapu. Haha!

For drinks, most of us had their Thai Tea. It was too sweet for my taste and we kept asking for more ice cubes to dilute it with.

All in all, it was a very good dinner. Made even better by good company. ☺ I will definitely be going back to SOM’S to try out the other items in their menu.

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