Macau – HK 2011: Macau at Night

Posted: May 30, 2011 in Bucket List, Picdump, Where Have I Been?
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As expected with Cebu Pacific, our flight to Macau was delayed by an hour. What better way to pass the time than camwhore, yeah? So camwhore we did.

This should be on a Coca-cola ad somewhere

The flight was as uneventful as a football game, lol no offense to football fans. I just don’t get that sport. So you kick the ball right? Then you run towards the ball… just to kick it again. Eh? Didn’t that just happen already? Meh. Forgive my unappreciative-ness.

Camille, Neri and I: queens of cramming

Sneaked in a photo before the field officer told us to put our cameras away

The lights in the city were so pretty! Too bad they don’t allow photography at the airport grounds. Because we’re so not prepared for this trip (itineraries were not finished!), the first thing we did upon arrival at Macau International Airport was to look for tourist maps and whatever we could find as guide to well… touring around Macau. Then we took a cab to our hostel and checked in for the night. But then we were so hungry so we ventured out in search of some authentic Chinese food. Guess where we ended up at.

McDix beybeh! Authentic Chinese food FAIL!

After dinner (no rice!!!), we decided to walk around Senado Square since it was just nearby. First thing we saw was their very purrrdy post office where a black man (yes I know this is racist) from Guinea hit on me!!! Madness!

Very pretty, yes?

Boypren ko, LOL. Yes, he's the scary black man. Hmph!

We thought he was just offering to take a picture of us three with the building. Turns out he wanted a picture with me! And he draped his arm around my waist! Oh the horror!!! My companions, being the good friends that they are, ran away and left me with him. Yeah, whatever. Let me be raped or murdered or something. To ward him off, we killed some time at the plaza and took more pictures.

For more pictures, check my Facebook: Macau at Night (full set)

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