Leap of Faith

Posted: June 27, 2011 in Bucket List, The Daily Grind
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If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably read on my recent addiction to the simulation game Virtual Villagers. It’s like SIMS but the setting is in a castoff island instead of the city. I’ve spent hours and hours of my day just looking at my villagers building huts, foraging for food, and going indoors to mate. If I’m not playing, I listlessly worry if they have enough food to live by or they’ve already starved their selves to death. This weekend, I spent most of my time in bed glued to my laptop. Such a waste of precious time, I tell you. I have been playing it like it’s my job. Shame on me really coz I’ve got a bajillion other things to do. Ironically, all these other unfinished tasks are real-job related. Meh.

Pondering on this though, it seems like I have used this game to distract myself from the gruelling truth of reality. I have been feeling down these past few weeks because I’m leaving Globe in a week after almost three years of working there. I haven’t been necessarily open with work-related shenanigans in my blog but for lack of a better outlet, I’m finally letting it out in the open that I’m leaving Globe. I’ve spent many sleepless nights asking for guidance from the Higher Powers, analyzing the situation inside-out.

In the end, I opted for change. It wasn’t an easy decision. God knows, it wasn’t. But instead of moping around with the thought that I only got less than one week with Globe, I must move forward and make sure to do good in my new job. The changes are drastic – starting off with the fact that I will not be working the normal 8-5 shift anymore. I am to service people in a different time zone. Will be working with a whole new group of people. Impressing a new boss and all that shite.

Change is indeed inevitable. Whether it be for better or for worse, change is better than being stagnant, settling. Que sera, sera.


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