Singapura 2011: Airport Booboos

Posted: August 5, 2011 in Bucket List, Picdump, The Daily Grind, Where Have I Been?
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I still haven’t finished blogging about the Hong Kong leg of my Macau-HK trip and yet here I am now, talking about an entirely different trip altogether. But whatever, this is my blog so indulge me. My blog, my rules… or something like that.

Some months ago, Neri and I was able to score a considerably cheap flight to Singapore, thanks to airline promos left and right. However as promos have it, seats are being bought by the second and by the time we have agreed on the trip details, direct flights to Singapore were already sold out. An alternative was to go via connecting flight to Cebu. Being the cheapskates that we are, we still pushed through thinking that such an opportunity is too good to pass up on.

Zoom forward to our departure date. I woke up early to finish packing – MASTER CRAMMER, holler! Skipped breakfast and rushed to the airport ro catch our early flight. Checked our bags in, plopped ourselves down at the departure area and then BOWM! Voice over announces a 5-hour delay of our flight to Cebu. This meant that we would not have the luxury of time to dilly-dally around Cebu’s airport. I chose to just let the inefficiency pass because I really can’t do anything about it. To save myself from boredom, I took out my nail polish (yes I came prepared!) and painted my nails. Then I started on Something Borrowed (which I finished during the whole SG trip).

Pakonsuwelo de bobo for the 5-hr delay

Surprisingly, those five hours wasted went by fast. Fina-fucking-ly, our place arrived and we were off to Cebu. Everything was smooth sailing during the short trip. Besides, how could I complain when I am being afforded with this view?

Then we landed at Cebu airport. That’s when the real nightmare started. I could go on and on about how much of a disaster it was but to cut to the chase, long story short: Neri and I were the last two passengers to board the plane. Our names were being announced all over the terminal every other minute. We were sweating like pigs, running around like headless chickens because Cebu airport’s immigration area is one hell of a mess.

To add insult to injury, the immigration officers decided to power trip on us and hold us for questioning. They kept asking me stupid questions like:
* I’m from Ilocos Norte and why was I in Cebu catching a flight to Singapore? (wtf?!?)
* How did Neri and I meet? Why are we housemates?

They asked more senseless questions until it got to the point where I was already shouting back and about to go ballistic on them. Then when Neri and I pulled out our IDs for them to see, they instantly softened up and let us through. Seriously WTF right? My theory is that they might have suspected us to be potential TNTs. IDEK.

So yeah, we finally got through immigration and the final security check. Then we were ushered by an Airphilexpress ground personnel to our plane. Getting to our seat was like a walk of shame. I kept my head down while scampering to our seat. Needless to say, all eyes were on us. Thanks Airphilexpress, you fucking suck!

Thankfully, the plague ended there. We got to Singapore safely and had a very delish dinner with Ami (which I’ll talk about in my next post). I still hate Airphilexpress. Hate them. A lot.

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