Of Ungracious People and Crude Commuters

Posted: August 19, 2011 in The Daily Grind
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Today, it seems like the universe is conspiring with some evil force to test my steadfastness on becoming a better and more forgiving person. Incidentally, all negative vibes are somewhat connected to the MRT.

Exhibit A:
This morning, as per usual, I rode the MRT from Boni to Ayala to get to work. I was extra chirpy because it’s Friday and I was too glad that the weekend is now just a few blinks away. Also, I’m wearing a customized shoe my friend made for me, and the pinkness I see when I look down is reassuringly cheerful. I was running just a tad bit later than my usual 8:30-board-the-train schedule but I was not fretting because that actually meant a relatively less dense MRT crowd.

So there I was, earphones plugged in (with the left bud missing its rubber protector =( ), minding my own business, nodding to the beat of Elecric City by Black Eyed Peas blasting in my ears. I got onboard the first train that passed. Good amount of crowd, people who were standing looked calm and comfortable. I went straight next to the doors where I’m getting off. For the information of those who are not yet aware, Ayala station comes after Guadalupe and Buendia stations. As we were passing these two stations, there are more people going down than those boarding on, so by the time it was my turn to get off, the crowd inside our section has dramatically thinned.

Even before the train has fully stopped, this one girl got up from her seat and heaved her way near the doors. Mind you, I was standing reaaaaaaaally close to the doors. For some reason I cannot fathom, said girl kept shoving me to the side (ignoring the fact that I’m really really pinned to the side already). When the doors opened, she went full force get-out-of-my-way-I’m-going-down-I-don’t-care-if-you’re-also-getting-off-and-you’re-nearer-to-the doors-I’m-shoving-you-to-the-side. She managed to yank my earphone out of my right ear, and I was like “Hey, I like this song playing!”, but only in my mind. She was not apologetic at all and threw me a dagger look instead. Right then and there, I just lost it. I shouted out “BITCH!” to her. I put my earphones back on and kept murmuring profanities. And if you’ve ever heard me curse, you know I curse hardcore. I wanted to get it on with the bitch, but she scurried off in fear. Burn!

Exhibit B:
I picked up an obviously lost wallet on my way to work yesterday. I called out to everyone in our section, hoping the owner was still on the train. Nobody answered so I took the wallet with me, swearing to myself to look for the owner immediately. I browsed through the wallet’s contents and realized that there was no money inside anymore, only IDs, cards and receipts. Unfortunately, my phone died on me as soon as I got to the office and brilliant ol’ me left her charger at home. BB was dead all day long.

Earlier today, I found a mobile number in one of those crumpled receipts inside. Called the number up and voila! I found the owner! =) I was ecstatic. It’s not every day one is given the chance to do a good deed. However, bitch was asking me things in a very rude and accusing tone. She didn’t even put on a polite façade even after I told her that I found her wallet. Not even close to appreciative.

To add fuel to the fire, she was even being all demanding and shit, asking ordering me to meet her at some place I have never been to, PRONTO! My mind went “Oh bitch, you didn’t!” I shouted at her, telling her how ungrateful she is and that she seems really accusing and how rude she’s being. Bitch didn’t back down. She was still at it so I cut the call and sent her a long ass text message instead (I didn’t trust myself enough to stay on the phone) instructing her how to claim her wallet from me and confirm that yes, I am still giving back her wallet despite her disrespect.

Come on, universe! Why do you let me deal with these kinds of people?!?
Cheesus chriest!

  1. brianitus says:

    I’ve seen people almost come to blows after a “I’m getting on/off the train” stare contest.

    My take: People change — euphemism for becoming assholes — under stressful conditions.

  2. kleypas says:

    Ha! Di na kaya ng drugs ang mga Pinoy. LOL!

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