Singapura 2011: Universal Studios Singapore

Posted: August 23, 2011 in Bucket List, Picdump, Where Have I Been?
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After our very filling authentic Singaporean dinner, we went under food comma and immediately succumbed to sleep right after cleaning up.

The (official) first day of our Singapore trip was reserved for Universal Studios. Armed with maps and instructions from our friends working in SG, we trotted our excited bums off to USS.

USS facade is one hell of an eye candy, literally and figuratively.

Just a few more steps and we saw the world famous “Universal” globe a-spinning, complete with usok for special effects. LOL.

We got there pretty early so getting in was no fuss. We had zero idea on how to go around the park though so we did a quick trip to the Guest Services building to pick up some maps and program guides. We saw that a show was about to start on a nearby building so we ran to catch the “Monster Rock – Live Rock Musical”. We got lucky and caught one of the street performances where 3 scantily clad waitresses were singing and dancing to some 70’s songs.

Then we checked out Steven Spielberg’s Lights Camera Action where they do a reenaction of a superstorm scene in one of his movies. I was (un)lucky enough to be standing at the front rows so when one of the hanging boats dropped to the waters after an explosion, I was splashed. I walked around with the left side of my upper body obviously wet. We also saw Manilyn Monroe but we didn’t wanna line up for a photo op so I just snapped a shot of her with one of them tourists.

We walked around some more and took pictures of rides we were too chicken to try. Battlestar Galactica both Human and Android(?) versions were too scary for me. I look up and it’s all twists and turns. All those screams from up there did not help either. So we just took pictures near the entrance and pretended to have tried it already. LOL.

Moving on, we entered the Egypt part of USS. Humungous stone carvings were everywhere. There was also an indoor rollercoaster but we declared we were too hungry to enjoy it and passed up on that too (read: chicken bokbokbok!).

But seriously, we were really hungry already so we grabbed some grub from a nearby cafe…

I’m cutting my USS entries into parts because I want to show you everything! LOL.


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