On Gifts and Gift-Giving

Posted: October 24, 2011 in The Daily Grind, The Internet is Awesome
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I am most probably not alone in thinking that days speed by really fast. Before we even notice the evening air become colder by the day, countdowns to Christmas have already been started.

Accepting the fact that we do live in a consumerist world, I have come to equate Christmas with shopping and gift-giving. I could be going full activist mode and passionately write about how this consumerist perspective is bullshit and inevitably burns a hole in every Filipino’s near empty pockets. However, I don’t think it would be THAT believable coming from a girl who posted her birthday wishlist a few months back. LOL. I mean, come on! Who does not love receiving gifts?

But anyway, that’s not my point. My point is that: all this gift-giving shenanigan is stressing me out! You see, I try as much as I can not to be that person who gifts everyone with a standard, un-thoughtful and most of the time not so useful stuff. I try real hard to customize gifts based on the recipients’ personality, and I’m not even talking about embroidering names on ‘Good Morning’ towels. That is not customization AT ALL.

But stressing out about all this gifting shite has had me thinking. Maybe, if I mean to give the gift sincerely enough, then it wouldn’t matter if it’s just one of the pens my friends will be piling into their mountain of pens-that-will-never-be-used-because-come-on-the-quality-of-the-ink-sucks. Cliche as it may sound; it really is the thought that counts.

And being on the receiving end (well at least I hope somebody would be thoughtful enough to give me gifts this season, I mean I could use another bag or something LOL), it really does not matter to me if I already got a shitload of ceramic mugs or keychains I never actually use. Really, it’s the thought that counts.

It doesn’t hurt if the receiving end is pretty appreciative, too. Nothing brings more joy to me than seeing a friend’s eye light up with delight upon opening my gift. That warm feeling just spreads all over me and it makes me feel a little more smug and an awful lot better. Speaking of which, I came across this video and I couldn’t help but be touched. Watch and see for yourself.

Maybe I should just send my friends the standard quirky ballpen this Christmas then.

  1. I am counting down for Christmas too but mostly because I can’t wait for my exercise machine. I am not a big gift giver. I normally call people or email them. Others I mail chocolate too. But I rotate what I do to each one each year from a phone call, email, to a box of candy. This way no one will know if they are getting something really. Plus my friends know I am cheap.

    Love the video by the way. I think this kid have my genes of over emotional and a bit confuse, but she is a sweet heart. But said about gifts give what is in your heart and what you can afford. My best friend bought expensive gifts for everyone one year and had school tuition still to be paid but thought about gifts first. That blew me away :0

  2. That happen to me once. I made it up by giving them a dollar store card but when they birthday came. I remember it and gave them something nice. Reason why not a nice gift instead of the card because for me it would feel like I am only giving them because they game something to me.

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