Singapura 2011: Universal Studios Singapore II

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Bucket List, Picdump, Where Have I Been?
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When lunchtime came around, the nearest food establishment we could find only served some Meditteranean food – most of which we could not identify. Everything tasted as confusing as their names did so we were not such happy campers.

Huh? What's this junk?

We gave up on the grub and went on exploring. Wasted 30 minutes of our lives falling in line for the Treasure Hunters ride which really was meant for kids. 30 minutes we will never get back.

On to more exciting things, we got to Waterworld just in time for a live show. Real explosions, jet skis and boats flying from everywhere and actors drenching the audience. What a treat!

Then we walked to Jurassic Park and took pictures with some huge-ass dinosaur statues. Then we went aboard another kiddie ride, the Dinosaurin. LOL. Such wusses, we are.

Far Far Away Land was just around the corner. The mood immediately shifted altogether. Suddenly it was all castles, knights and other princess-y stuff. We were able to see a Shrek show in 3D and it was A-MA-ZING! There was this certain scene where Shrek was attacked by a dozen spiders. The theater was filled by the audience’s shrieks as wisps of air were blown onto us and made it feel like there were real spiders crawling up our legs. Amazeballs!

After the show, we stopped by a souvenir shop and oggled at the overpriced stuffed toys. If not for the steep price, I’m sure I would have brought home lots of stuff from there. Huhu, me and my cheapskate ass. But we Nero and I each bought a water container shaped as volumetric flasks (defo Wikipedia-d that one).

Then we rode a mini roller coaster, watched a Donkey show, took pictures with Puss in Boots and Po from Kung-Fu Panda. Woohoo! But my camera’s already dead by that time and we only have the pics in our phones. Heh.

It was a long day spent in USS. Pretty tiring, too! We were supposed to watch Songs of the Sea but tickets were already sold out. So Ami, our amazing host, took us to a very scrumptious dinner instead. Now THAT is a perfect way to end the day.

  1. LOL, your/your friend face expression is killing me. What was that green stuff? When you mention you did not understand the name of the food I bust out laughing. Sometime I wish at certain places even here in Germany they would have picture menus, lol. Other than that you seem to had a great day even if it was going on kiddie rides. Hey they are fun too:)…that is all I ride too.

    • kleypas says:

      Hi! =)
      That green stuff? Like I said, I dunno! Haha. I think it was some kind of curry or something. I really have no idea. =))
      I do go on adult rides too but I was just not in the mood that day. But yeah, I still had loads of fun.
      Oh, I wish I could visit Germany someday too. =)

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