Muzium Sabah (Sabah Museum)

Posted: March 30, 2012 in Where Have I Been?
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Selamat Datang! ^__^

This is what greeted us upon pulling up the driveway of Sabah Museum. Oddly, it sounds pretty close to Maligayang Pagdating (which also means Welcome in Filipino). Datang –> Pagdating LOL #prettyclose.jpg

In the facade of the building, a fountain/statue thing is situated which provides a nice backdrop for more touristy shots.



 Near the parking lot, vintage cars were on display. I actually don’t understand why they have those cars there, but they looked pretty in pictures so whatever. lol



The museum is one big complex which consists of the Main Building, Science and Education Centre, Heritage Village, Sabah Art Gallery, and Museum of Islamic Civilization.  

However enticing that might sound, we didn’t go in to check out the archives coz we were pressed for time. We did checkout the souvenir shop, though. They sold all sorts of trinkets from silly ballpens to preserved insects.



I did not buy anything from there though because we had a chance to check out the local night market on our first night and the prices in this shop are way too steep for the spendthrift that I am.

After a few minutes of going around, we decided to go and move on to our next destination. It’s such a shame how we were not even able to go inside the main museum but I’m trying to think of it in a positive way. More reasons to go back, yeah?




 Malaysia, I will be back someday. Someday…

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