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After our tiring yet exhilarating tour at Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, we asked our friendly tourguide where we could have some authentic curry for lunch. A funny exchange transpired because he had a hard time understanding our Filipino-slash-nonMalay accent. 

Me: Where could we eat some curry here?

Tourguide: Carry? Yes, I wil carry!

Me: No! I mean CURRY. Like chicken curry.

Tourguide: Why you carry chicken?!?

Haha! Imagine the look on his face when he actually thought we wanted to buy a live chicken and CARRY it around! He eventually understood what we really meant and he took us back to the city proper to eat some authentic Malaysian curry.



The place looked rather plain and unassuming from the outside. A start contrast to the colorful, almost festive look of the interiors.


All the dishes were displayed carinderia style. Unfortunately, the viands had no labels on them so we just went with our guts (and rumbling stomachs) and pointed at what we wanted to eat. Turo-turo!



The servers plopped banana leaves on the table for us to use as plates. Then they served us appetizers which we barely touched coz they all tasted weird and funky. LOL. That’s when I realized the place must be pretty legit authentic because when I looked around at the neighboring tables, all the other locals were happily devouring those starters. But when I tried them, all I tasted was different sorts of unidentified spices. 



The locals were eating with their bare hands but the scent of the spices were too strong and we predicted it would take a while for us to wash out the residual stink. So we played the tourist card and asked for spoons and forks.

The food was great! As expected, everything was spicy – with varying degrees of spiciness. Good thing the rice serving was huge because we really needed lots of rice to down all the savory curries we ordered.

And now, I’m craving for curry. Ugh. =| 



Just a couple of old photos from my last food trip to Banapple with friends.

Banapple’s food is an instant pick-me-upper. Not to mention they have large servings for a very reasonable price. Andtheir stores are too cute and homey!

I love their pastas too – I usually cannot finish my plate by myself. I have yet to taste their savory pies and sandwiches but the odds of them not being good is pretty slim. So looking forward to my next Banapple visit.

Banapple has branches in Tomas Morato, Ayala Triangle Gardens, Greenhills and Katipunan.

I think this is a very good campaign! Not only will we be helping the environment, this is also a good way to eat healthier. I will be trying this out starting next week. This could also be a good opportunity to experiment on more vegetarian dishes. Hah! This should be interesting…


The beach has an entirely different kind of charm at night. The busy, bustling beach front magically transforms into one romantic setting perfect for lovers’ rendezvous.  Or for my case, it was a perfect backdrop for booze abuse because I wasn’t there with a lover. I don’t even have a lover, for that matter. LOL.

Forgive the repetitive shots. I was very amazed with how vivid the clouds looked against the full moon so I became trigger happy. The contrasts provided by the sky, clouds, sea and sand are too good for words.

Check out how the beach looked during the day here: Baler by Day

Went to Baler, Aurora last year and boy was it gorgeous! The water was oh so blue, and the sand was so dang fiiiiiine. And those clouds! Like balls of cotton in the sky. Tried surfing for the first time and I did not like it, LOL. My stance is not that of a surfer because I stand on my tippy toes and that is a no-no on a surfboard. Blah blah blah. The day after, I was sore like a mother! Never again.

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