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One of the best things to do in UP is to eat. And when I visited my Alma Mater a couple of months ago, eat we did! 🙂

First up, good ol’ fishballs and kwek-kwek (quail eggs). I like to douse mine in spicy sauce and a little vinegar. #drools

Then it was time for another old favorite, beef tapa (cured beef)  from Rodic’s foodhouse. Rodic’s has been serving their signature tapa for more than 60 years now. Now that’s what you call resiliency!

We also tried their okoy (shrimp fritters). Some people actually have it as a snack but it can also work as a viand.

We walked off all that deliciousness then found ourselves inside The Chocolate Kiss, another UP favorite.  We had their potato wedges, a slice of carrot cake, and their house blend iced tea.

UP has now become home to an increasing number of restaurants and I cannot wait til the next UP foodtrip! 🙂


I never really liked Greenwich. If I were to choose from a dozen or so fastfood chains, Greenwich would probably be my last pick. Not that their food is grossly unpalatable. It’s just too darn forgettable. For me, there is nothing special from this place.

But I still try it out from time to time, just in case I might change my opinion on their food. But alas! Up to this day, I am not impressed by the quality nor quantity of their food. But if you’re looking for a cheap yet filling Italian-ish meal, they might just do. This one particular time, we availed of their group meal which had three servings of lasagna, a Hawaiian pizza and three glasses of beverage of your choice – all for just P399. A good enough deal, yes?

After parasailing over Manukan Island, we decided to head back to the waters and explore some more. Armed with our rented snorkeling gears and life vests, we made our way to the docks where we earlier saw lots of other tourists lying face down in the water. 😀

The water was kinda murky plus I was using a so-so camera so the photos are far from excellent quality. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed that snorkeling session. There were not that much corals but surprisingly, there was an abundance of fish! Schools of fish would just swim by every now and then.

But I was most entertained by an oddly shaped coral. Can anyone else see BUTT? 😀

And it kinda looks like it just shat a buttload too! LOL! 😀

When we got tired of swimming around, we headed to the shore to devour our lunch before our boat takes us to our next island destination. On our way to the picnic tables, we came across a dead fish.

Poor fishy. 😦



My birthday is coming up (27th of this month) and I already got my eye on some things I would want to receive… or buy for myself. LOL.


1. Sports bag – I have been lemming for a new sports bag for ages. I think this would motivate me more to actually play sports (badminton! :)) or go to the *ehem* gym, haha! 😀

Something like this, only in a less obnoxious color (aka BLACK) 😀


2. Instax Mini 7s films – I bought my mini a few months back and I’ve already gone through my first set of films. Those photos now beautify my bedroom wall and I would definitely want to add more to it.

There are also films that are more cutesy (Hello Kitty!) but the plain ones would also be OK. 🙂


3. Instax Mini 7s accessories – a macro lens or a sturdy case/bag would be a great add-on to my newest toy.

This would enable me to take macro shots with the mini and it also comes with a mirror thing that makes self-capturing easier

Since I bought it, I have been carrying my mini in the bubble wrap that it came with (#ghetto!), a bag would be a drastic improvement


4. Office bag – It’s true what they say, “A girl can’t have too many bags”. Or does it say shoes? Nevertheless, a new bag is always welcome. I am not really picky with bags. As long as it’s big enough to hold all my things, then I’m good. 🙂


5. A new camera – Haha! I am almost 100% sure that I would just end up buying this for myself but I have really been looking for a new and more handy camera. Lugging my DSLR everywhere is just not gonna cut it. I have my eye on a Lumix, oh baby come to me! lol

It just looks so sleek and sexeeeey! LUST!


That’s pretty much it! 🙂 More than anything, I am excited of the fact that I will be celebrating my 25th birthday with my family back at home. And oh boy, 25! I am getting freaking old! Now let’s get on with that quarter-life crisis thingamajig.



I joined the Weekly Photo Challenge for WordPress to help motivate myself to take more pictures, and share them with  the world. This week’s theme is WRONG.


Plastic wastes floating with a bunch of jellyfish. A dead fish in the shores of Kota Kinabalu. These things would break the hearts of every nature lover. 😦

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