TGIF! ^__^

Posted: August 3, 2012 in The Daily Grind
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Finally, the work week is done! My contact person from Frankfurt is not getting back to me so I decided to ditch him and just go home for the night. Serves him right for always rushing me to finish things and then never replying when I send follow ups. Meh. Demanding clients who never hold up their end of the bargain are the worst. /endrant

I am so excited for this  weekend! Tomorrow, I am going thrifting with a good friend and then maybe  go to the salon since my hair’s regrowth is just so disgusting now. And of course, we will be eating lots. Hopefully, we’ll get to try a new restaurant again. 🙂

Then on Sunday, a bunch of friends and I will be playing with bows and arrows for an hour, just because the Olympics is going on. LOL no, we bought vouchers from this deals thing online and we still have an hour of playtime each left. And we might just be watching Brave after the session just because the little redheaded girl is also an archer there, hehe. 😀

So yeah, that’s basically my weekend plans. This kitty up there will be having a blast. Me? I’m going home to watch the whole Season 1 of Suits and maybe eat a bag of chips. 😉

Happy Friday, everyone! 🙂


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