NOLITA (North of Little Italy)

Posted: March 13, 2013 in The Daily Grind

Nolita is one of the many new restaurants in BGC area. It’s so amazing how fast the number of food establishments grew in just a year.

Last December, i met up with two of my batchmates from DKS for a quick dinner before we all went off to our own holiday breaks. We were originally planning on going to Elias but unfortunately, the whole restaurant was closed off to the public that night. We walked around the area looking for an alternative. When we saw people dining outside Nolita with platefuls of pizza, we were sold.

We each got a slice of pizza — I opted for the vegetarian Spinach and Artichoke at P210 per slice. My friends got the Pesto Grilled Chicken with Sun-Dried Tomato (P250) and Chicken Parmesan (P250). Unfortunately, mine was not very tasty – I had to slather it with pepper and hot sauce. I got a bite of each of my friend’s pizza and they were both good.




Because the pizzas were thin crust and we were really hungry, we decided to have side orders of Honey Garlic Buffalo Wings (P330) and Beer Battered Onion Rings (P130). I’m not really a fan of sweet sauces (I prefer spicy) but the wings were all wiped out. Man, we must have been really hungry. LOL. I liked the onion rings though – the onion slices were sweet and tasted fresh.





We each had a glass of their spiked Watermelonade (P160). It was also good, not too sweet and just rightly spiked which gave us a very light buzz. For beer lovers, they have a selection of Craft Beers which I might try on my next visit.

NOLITA Restaurant is in the upper groundfloor of BHS Central, just above Slice and Jamba Juice

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