Happy New Year, everyone! 🙂 I hope you had a grand time during the holiday, however way you spent it. As for me, I went home and spent two full weeks with my family. It was two weeks filled with bonding, movies, and a lot of food.

The new year gives us a chance to start anew. Hence, me trying to revive my blog… AGAIN! LOL

I plan to do weekly recaps by showing you pictures of how my day went. It might get boring when work gets busy but I will try to stick with it as much as I can. So here goes! 🙂




January 1: Welcomed the New Year with a simple feast shared with my family. I spent all day at home playing with the pets, watching movies with my folks and feeding relatives that come over. I also decided to quit soda (yes, again!). And may I just say that all our pets are so lambing! Except for Uno who’s such a total bitch, of course.



January 2: Decided to finally get a driver’s learner’s permit. I knew I needed some pictures taken so I prettified myself up just to be disappointed with the photo quality LOL. It was so damn low-res haha! Went on a road trip to eat some (or maybe lots) of barbecue and take pictures of the sunset by the beach. Too bad Mama was not able to join us coz she was still stuck at work.



January 3: My Ilocos trip comes to an end. Before heading back to Manila, I got my nails done because nail art is so damn cheap in the province! And look how pretty my nails are! Never mind the sausage fingers LOL. And a final parting shot of the town welcome sign as I was waiting for my bus to pick me up.



January 4: Back to Manila. My day was filled with sleep, hair colors and garlic breath LOL. Only shot I got to take was that of Rockwell from the bedroom window. image


January 5: Fixed my room and finally got to hang up my fairy lights. So pretty!!! My room smelled so clean and I slept so well that night. image


January 6: Back to reality, back to work. Which also means back to taking mirror pictures in the bathroom and elevators. I had to work overtime for a bit and was quite surprised to see the 11th floor hallway to be so empty. Seems like most of the people decided to start their year right and leave early. Good for them! 🙂image


January 7: I have a habit of overusing the newest shoes that I have (hence the picture of my feet). When I got to work, I realized that I shouldn’t be using those shoes that much because I initially bought them for choir performance purposes so I then changed into my trusty wedges. Wedges are also much easier to walk on and I needed to run some errands, so good decision after all. Left work early to have dinner with Vlad and Gian at Infinitea (Thanks for the treat Vlad!). And I finally got my pasalubong from Dubai. The stuffed dates and baklava are all so yummy. Thanks Denver! 🙂image



How did the first week of your 2014 go?


Let's discuss!

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