My friends and I recently took a trip to UP area to eat our way through Maginhawa Street in UP Village. It was mainly for Gian’s sake as he has never been there, considering he really likes to eat. Oh the travesty! LOL. I also had my selfish motives as I haven’t been to UP in such a loooong time and I wanted to finally take a picture with The Oblation.

We were all coming from Boni (Boni Crew represent! LOL) so the best way for us was to take the MRT then hail a cab when we go down Quezon Avenue station. Obligatory photo-op while waiting for the train (and a very late Gian!!!). It’s also been a long time since I took the MRT.




The night before while we were out having dinner, we each chose one restaurant that we wanted to visit. So in the end, we will get to eat at four places. Sounds like a plan, eh? Our first stop was CRAZY KATSU.

I’ve been hearing praises about this place. They say the food is good for the price you pay. Some say it could even rival the infamous Yabu’s katsu. Unfortunately, I have no point of comparison as I’ve never tried Yabu up to this day. Not even once. FML



The place looked quite unassuming from the outside. When we got in, we were seated at one corner of the room. On the wall were pictures of their dishes which made it easier for us to order. The place was pretty small, cramped with tables and chairs. They really maximized the space they have. It is certainly not a place for intimate and TMI conversations (looking at you neighboring table with loud girls talking about family gossip like they’re the only two people in the room LOL).



We imposed a rule to not get the same thing in order for us to get to taste each other’s food hehe. Before seeing the pictures, I was dead set on getting their bestseller, whatever it would be. But when I scanned the photos on the wall, I just couldn’t help myself from getting the Katsu Curry.



It came with three slices of pork katsu swimming in a pool of delicious Japanese curry. There were also bits of pork in the sauce along with the usual suspects: carrots and potatoes. It was very good but I just couldn’t finish my plate. I would suggest you order this if you’re really hungry. You can always order extra rice to sop up all the curry sauce (if you’re really THAT hungry).



This bowl of Pork Katsudon wasn’t impressive. It was OK but not impressive. Very much forgettable. Vlad finished the whole bowl tho, hehe.



Gian’s Pork Tonkatsu was better than the Katsudon. The serving was very generous, as you can see. However, it needed a lot of help from the mayonnaise and the Tonkatsu sauce it came with. I even warned him to not pour the whole thing in ‘coz I was afraid it might be too salty (sauces served on the side are usually very rich in flavor). He ended up dumping all of the sauce in, and squeezing a lot more mayo onto the meat.



Now here comes the winner of the day. Crazy Katsu’s Chicken Katsu. I was informed this is their bestseller. Crispy fried chicken fillet on top of a bed of shredded cabbage sitting atop some magic sauce which was very delicious it could only be Jesus’ jizz LOL. Blasphemy aside, the sauce was really really really good!



Crazy Katsu was a very good start to our food trip. I would love to go back to try their other dishes and maybe get a plateful of Chicken Katsu all to myself. I’ve heard their gyoza was also good so maybe I will try that, too.



Stay tuned! The Iscreamist is next where I show a video of me eating like a fool. LOL

  1. I have yet to try this. Kakagutom 🙂

  2. Nick says:

    food is ok.. nothing fancy though just the ordinary japanese katsu you’ll find in other jap resto.. miso soup taste is below average imo.,..

    But one thing i didn’t like is when i got bill.. it says 455.. I have no complain regarding the price since it’s reasonable.. What I didnt like is that I almost lost 500 pesos!

    bill was Php 455.. I gave Php 1000.. when they returned the change , it’s only Php45!.. dko din napansin.. so paalis nko talaga.. papunta na kami sa car.. I left Php 20 pa as a tip.. good thing my wife was a keen observe.. she asked me ” diba 1000 binayad mo?” .. saka ko lang naalala na 1K nga pala.. So , bumalik ako, and I called the waitress to inform her na kulang ng 500 sukli nila. tstsnonh daw nya sa cashier… after awhile, binalik naman yung 500.. pero parang nakaka duda kung nagkamali lang talaga or sinasadya.. We’ll… i’l give them the benifit of the doubt na nagkamali lang sila.. nweiz, i took back my P20 tip sa wood na lalagyan ng bill and sa parking boy ko na lang binigay..

    so, if you’;re going to dine here.. make sure to check your bill.. your change… and how ang binayad nyo.. mahirap kitain ang Php500..

    • kleypas says:

      Hi Nick! I agree, hindi naman extraordinary ang food nila. But I think it’s good for the price you pay. And regarding sa billing issue, buti your wife noticed! Sayang din yun noh. Let’s just hope it’s an honest oversight and not an intentional ‘mistake’. 🙂

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