This week was mainly spent on catching up. Catching up with friends, celebrations, and fitness goals.



January 29: Second session of our self-imposed Wellness Wednesday. We worked hard all right! And more people joined the group as well. Here’s to hoping we get to sustain this.



January 30: Last working day of the week because tomorrow is the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Caught up with Allan over Starbucks coffee (their new drink btw – Chestnut Macchiato – is good, try it!). Met up with Timmy and chatted ’til wee hours. We never run out of stuff to talk about.



January 31: Brunch at Slice N’ Dice because we ended up waking up just a little before noon. It had been ages since I last ate here and I actually missed their baked tahong. Noms! Watched a PBA game at Araneta Coliseum and our team won. Go Ginebra! Lol



February 1: Welcoming the new month with an out-of-town getaway. We drove up to Tagaytay to celebrate Jo and Neri’s birthdays. Before going to our hotel, we had lunch at Breakfast at Antonio’s. (Yummy food! Watch out for a separate entry.) We ended up checking in to our hotel at a little before 4pm because traffic was freaking horrible. Ugh!



February 2: It was definitely not Tagaytay weather when we woke up. The sun was in full force and our hotel pool looked very inviting. Too bad I was feeling sick so I didn’t get the chance to have a quick dip. Before heading back to Manila, we stocked up on local goodies from the market and filled our grumbling tummies with bulalo goodness. As expected, traffic was still disgustingly horrible. Ugh!



February 3: I was feeling horrible when I woke up so I decided to call in sick at work. Spent the day alternating between napping and watching old movies. And I got a taste of one of the weirdest tasting ice cream I’ve had in my life, so far. It’s apparently made of carabao milk with bits of kesong puti. All it tasted to me was frozen margarine. Blech!



February 4: I was feeling a bit better so I went back to work armed with my trusty calamansi juice. For further reinforcement, I filled it with lemon slices. Take that, Vitamin C! LOL. I attended choir rehearsal even if I was hacking like crazy because I missed last week’s practice. Gotta hustle!





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