The Indays’ schedule finally synched together so we had time for a proper catchup dinner. We were meeting up in Makati and I was coming from the ~province~ of BGC so I gave them the liberty to choose where to eat. Thankfully they chose Kichitora. If you know me well enough, you’d know I’m always down for a bowl of ramen.



Gyoza (P150) | For our appetizer, we got an order of pan-fried gyoza. It was OK, but the wrap was a tad bit too thick and chewy. It also wasn’t much of an appetizer because they served it almost simultaneous with our main meals therefore we didn’t get to finish it all up. That being said, it is still a good side dish to your ramen.



Pork Chashu Rice (P320) | Unlike me, Ren is not much of a ramen fan. She got a bowl of Japanese rice topped with grilled pork chashu chops, dried seaweed and molten lava egg. Just looking at that melty yolk makes me drool! This is also available in a smaller size at P175.



Paitan Chicken Ramen (P360) | Lorraine went for the Paitan Ramen. It is topped with your choice of chicken or pork (she chose chicken), bamboo shoots, green veggies and a slice of naruto. This ramen is made with their original white broth.



Paitan Ramen Zenbu no Se (P420) | I went for their best seller. Topped with pork chashu, dried seaweed (which I am addicted to), molten lava egg, naruto and drizzled with a dash of fried garlic oil. I opted for the regular broth though I saw in their menu that they also have a spicy variant. Guess I was kinda scared it was going to be too spicy and the restaurant was not too well ventilated;I wasn’t in the mood for sweat lol. It was good! I would probably get a bowl of this again when I go back but maybe get the smaller bowl at P300 because this was a little too hard for me to finish.



I definitely would go back to Kichitora. Maybe I’ll try their kara-age next time in place of the gyoza and stop being a puss and order the spicy ramen. It was a good dinner made better with great company (Naaaaaks!)



Cheers to more Inday dinners this 2014! 🙂



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