A few months back, I tasted RUB’s ribs for the first time and I swore to be back soon. Lo and behold, I haven’t gone back ever since. LOL.



It was a Saturday night and Timmy travelled all the way from Fairview to Kapitolyo to join us for dinner. In true Filipino fashion, the waiter graciously offered to take a picture of our group before we devoured all the food on the table.





For starters, we got a serving of Nachos with two kinds of dips – salsa and cheese sauce. At Php170, I don’t recommend ordering this. The nachos seemed old, not crunchy at all. The salsa tasted like it was just spooned out of a bottle a few seconds before it reached our table and the cheese sauce was just tasteless.

We also ordered Caesar Salad (Php210) and it was also not good, haha. You’re better off not ordering it.



For some reason, I was craving for pasta that night so I insisted on getting their Sausage Pomodoro Pasta (Php220). I wish I didn’t. Hahaha. The noodles were overcooked and the sauce was too runny and not spicy at all (contrary to what’s in their menu).



The main reason we trooped over to RUB was to taste their infamous ribs. We decided to go for their Family Brunch (Php685) which serves 4 people. It comes with their Rub Beef (Dry Rubbed U.S. Hanging Tender) and your choice of three sides. We opted for fresh Potato Fries, Buttered Veggies and the glorious Garlic Spinach. Their rib was perfectly tender, easily forked off the bone. And I couldn’t stop eating the garlic spinach.



The boys requested for an order of their Spiced Fried Rice (Php65) and we split a pitcher of their Iced Tea among us four. Both were not pictured so I give you a closer look at those yummy ribs. Hehe



Dining at RUB was a hit and miss, sadly more misses than hits. If you are going there, just go straight for their ribs, will you. And always, always get the garlic spinach as your side dish.

As usual, coffee and camwhore session capped the night off. 🙂



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