Lately I’ve noticed that afternoons are a little bit hotter than usual. Armpits get a little more sweaty (hehe) and ice-cold drinks are more than welcome any time of the day. Summer is almost here!

Since moving to Manila, summer for me meant going home to my beloved province and relishing what little time I have left to spend with my family before classes (or work) start again. We would always make time to go to the beach, and a trip to the beach always merits a drive to the famous Patapat Viaduct.



This long and winding bridge is in the northernmost tip of Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. It is the fourth longest bridge in the Philippines and it is awesome! Hahaha




What we usually do is drive up to the bridge after a day of lounging at a nearby beach. Sunsets are very pretty here especially when spent with family (cue collective awwwwww).



There’s nothing much to see actually – just what seems to be an endless amount of black rocks and seawater in different shades of blue. Sometimes, a shipwreck might decorate the shores (before the locals butcher the beauty up and sell the spare parts in junk shops).




If you’re quite lucky, you might chance upon a weirdo in the middle of the road. Don’t worry, she doesn’t bite LOL.


Other places you might wanna check out in Ilocos:

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5. Others

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