A while back, a good friend of mine invited me to try out the Sushi Buffet at Sakae Sushi. Given the fact that I love Japanese food, I was up to the challenge. And he said he would pay for our meal so I didn’t need much prodding.

Sakae Sushi offers unlimited sushi at the reasonable price of P399 per head. This entitles you to grab any sushi you want from the conveyor belt, along with a bowl of Miso Soup and bottomless Green Tea (hot or cold). Sounds like a good deal, eh?

The sushi’s value are color coded based on the plates. Keep your eye out for the purple and red plates are these are the most expensive types.





I didn’t get to take a photo of every plate that we had. Below are the ones we sampled and I was able to capture before they got devoured.

Unfortunately, I don’t know the names of everything. I just grabbed whatever looked interesting from the conveyor belt. The sushi rolls were all good. But looking back now, I don’t think we were able to taste the classic California Maki. Weird. The orange looking thing in the lower right panel is Japanese rice wrapped in egg and soaked in some sort of sweet sauce. It was surprisingly good!



Upper left photo was not good. It tasted sooooo fishy! I suspect that this plate has gone around in the belt for a long time therefore it was not fresh anymore. The octopus on the other hand (upper right) tasted fresh. It had a slightly sweet taste and was not chewy at all.

If I remember right, the lower left photo is Kani Tempura. It was quite confusing though because I am not used to green crabsticks. Lower right is the usual tofu steak. It was OK but I like Teriyaki Boy’s tofu steak waaaay better.



This collage is all the Japanese rice wrapped in nori with different toppings. Every piece was huge and I was quite overwhelmed at first because I thought there was no rice in it and it was just nori stuffed with different things. However, upon biting into it, I felt cheated. It was filled with rice 3/4 of the way. LOL. I am not complaining though because nori is one of my favorite things in the world. I just had to be creative on how I can dispose off of the rice because I was already getting full at this point.



One of the very rare prime items in the belt is this salmon thingamajig. It was fried with some sort of breading then slathered with sweet and spicy sauce. The salmon tasted fresh and the spice level was just right. image

After around two hours, I couldn’t take any more rice. We had to order a can of Coke just to help us burp because we were bursting in the seams. Suffice it to say, I did not crave sushi for a long while after this.




Sakae Sushi is in SM Mall of Asia. P399 is quite cheap for such a ridiculous amount of food but do not expect anything authentic or gourmet level. I would probably go back, especially if someone is willing to pay for me again. LOL



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