I am far from being a tea connoisseur but I do appreciate a good cup (or two) of freshly brewed tea from time to time, especially when I feel bloated. While the good ol’ Lipton Tea could do the trick, it also doesn’t hurt to try out teas from the higher end of the spectrum, eh?


I was originally intent on getting my own tea when we planned on having our team dinner at TWG. However, work took longer than expected and I was already starving by the time I and a couple of my other teammates were able to step out of the office. It’s a good thing two of our friends got there ahead of us and their pots of tea were just perfectly warm when we got to the restaurant.


One of them got the Earl Grey Chocolate Tea which I loved! The other opted for something that tasted like flowers, and I just can’t take that kind of tea. It reminds me of funeral flowers, LOL.I was also able to get a nibble of their macarons and they were lovely! Too bad I still find macarons overrated and overpriced, so I don’t really indulge on them.


ON TO THE FOOD!!! However, I do not remember the exact name of the dishes and for the life of me, I couldn’t find them in any of the published menus online so I’ll just call them for what they appear to be, yeah?

Scallops Pasta | AKA the-dish-I-wish-I-ordered. LOL. It was perfectly creamy, and I think the cherry tomatoes are perfect for that needed zing when the cream seems overpowering. The pieces of scallops and shrimps were also quite generous.


Baked Chicken Breast | Well, it’s a baked chicken breast (LOL) perched on top of what looks like a flat croquette. When my friend was tearing into it, I saw that the meat was dry so quite possibly, the chicken might be overcooked. I tasted the sauce but it was just too sweet for my liking.


Lasagna | It just looks sad LOL. I feel like the serving size is quite measly, and my friends who ordered it agree that it’s a little on the bitin side. I got a tiny tiny bite and I didn’t hear any angels singing. It tasted like an ordinary morsel of a cheesy pasta.


Shrimp Pasta | Yes, this actually has shrimps on its name. However, it appears like there are no shrimps in it, noh? There were a couple of pieces, maybe three… This was my dish and I was utterly disappointed. The pasta is juuuuust a little too underdone for me. I know they were aiming for al dente but the noodles needed just a couple more seconds in the boiling water. As for the seafood, the Scallops Pasta seemed to have had more shrimps than what was supposed to be a Shrimp Pasta. What’s up with that?!? LOL. So disappointing…


We all managed to clean up our plates despite the general disappointment in the table because we were all hungry and the serving size is really on the smaller side. Plus if you’re shelling out at least Php400 per plate, then you better make sure to take every last bite right?

I probably will hesitantly try their dishes once more but I could definitely take my own pot of that delicious Earl Grey Chocolate Tea. And maybe a piece (or two) of their delicious macarons.

  1. […] at Paul Boulangerie was very satisfying. Given the similar price range, I prefer this way more than TWG. Just saying. […]

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