I feel like Chili’s has been around for so long and I just always have taken it for granted because I am not really a big fan of American food. I finally got to try it a long time ago with a good friend.


Grilled Chicken Salad | Regular Php275, To Share Php470
Grilled chicken with cheese, tomatoes, smoked corn relish and honey lime vinaigrette. I especially loved the grilled chicken, cooked just right, so moist and tender.


Tripple Dipper | Php510
A combination of three appetizers – Wings Over Buffalo, Chicken Crispers, and Southwestern Eggrolls. It is served with three kinds of dipping sauces. I loved the egg rolls because for some reason, I was in the mood for something that had a little bit of Mediterranean taste that night. And I think out of the 3 sauces, we favored the Bleu Cheese one the most.


Bacon Burger | Php455
Topped with crispy bacon, aged cheddar cheese, mayo, shredded lettuce, tomato, sliced red onion, and pickle. Unfortunately this was a let down. The burger was supposed to have been grilled medium well and served on a sesame seed bun with home-style fries. The patty was dry and the bacon was overcooked to the point where it got hard and stiff. I don’t think I will order this again.


My first dining experience at Chili’s was a hit and miss but I will most probably go back again for their other dishes and what looks like an impressive dessert selection.

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