Borawan is a play on two words – Boracay and Palawan. It’s an island named so because, as some people claim, it has white sand reminiscent of Boracay and rock formations the same as Palawan’s limestone cliffs. If one gets the chance to have the Boracay and Palawan experience in one at a measly price, one grabs it.


My friends and I boarded a bus bound to Lucena, got off at the Grand Terminal. Got on a mini bus and alighted at the town of Padre Burgos where we got on tricycles that brought us to the port. From there, we rented a boat that would take us to Borawan Beach. Someone gave us a tip that people usually do the Borawan to Dampalitan route so we decided to go against the flow of people and camp out at Dampalitan Island instead.


Upon arrival to the island, we pitched our tents and settled down for the day.



In all fairness, Dampalitan Island’s sand could pass up as Boracay’s shores from afar. While the sun is shining its brightest, the white sand seems to glow it almost hurts the eyes.




After lunch and a quick nap, the water level went down low enough to reveal a little sandbar. We walked on the sandbar and took photos farther out into the sea. That entertained us for about 30 minutes until it got too hot to be enjoyable. We went back under the shade and napped some more while waiting for the sun to go down. When it got a little cooler, we explored the opposite side of the shore and came across some sea friends.




We watched the sun set and it was beautiful. It was made better by the absence of a big crowd. Guess going against the norm paid off, after all.




When it got dark, we cooked and had our dinner. We built a fire and drank and danced around it. We also roasted marshmallows for our s’mores. It was a great night. 🙂




The next day, our boat came by and brought us to Borawan Beach.




I had to agree that the cliffs do resemble the limestone formations in Palawan albeit being miniature compared to the real thing. When we got to the island, there was a group of rock climbers uhmmmmm climbing the rocks LOLOLOL. We contented ourselves in climbing on top the less intimidating ones and swimming around the clear waters. We didn’t really do much at Borawan Island and I have to say that I liked Dampalitan better.




Borawan is being marketed better than what it actually is. But if you’re looking for a new beach to explore this summer, it is still worth the try.

  1. Mai says:

    Hello! Just wanted to know if may contact kayo ng nagbabantay sa damoalitan? Thanks!

    • kleypas says:

      Hi Mai! Sadly, wala eh. Pero pagdating kasi namin nun sa port, merong mga tourist officials na nagbabantay. You could always ask them for information. 🙂

  2. jen says:

    hi! Mga magkano yung budget per person ng whole trip? (:

    • kleypas says:

      Hello Jen! If coming from Manila, siguro at most na yung 2500 all in. At most na yun 🙂

      Pero syempre, it highly depends din on the size of your group. The bigger your group, the cheaper. 🙂

  3. Bella Torrenueva says:

    Hi friends are u planning to visit Borawan this holiday season? Theres a certain changes with regards to their entrance fees.. day tour 150/ head and overnight 220/head.. for more info and assistance just call or text kuya aldy bangkero 0906-915-7383 , we offer tent and boat for rent in 3 islands .. tnx and Godbless

  4. Bella Torrenueva says:

    Hi pal… if Ur planning to visit 3 islands this holiday we could be of help.. just text/call us 0906-915-7383/0920-2547-669. We offer boat & tent for rent. We can also lend u of things needed in camp just to lessen ur baggages. Tnx & Godspeed..

  5. Bella Torrenueva says:

    Island hopping?
    Call / text kuya aldy boatman 09069157383 /09202547669 for more info & friendly assistance. We can also lend u of things needed just to lessen ur baggages in camp. Tnx 🙂 Godspeed

  6. Sha says:

    Summer Activities? ?
    Island Hopping? (Borawan, Dampalitan, PUTING BUHANGIN )
    Just call kuya Elong Jaro 09302680383 or Shamaine Jaro 09094819703
    Thank you 💜💜💜

  7. sha7865 says:

    Hello there.
    Do you want to spend your holidays In Borawan, Dampalitan, PUTING BUHANGIN?

    For more info and for boat reservation
    Please call or text 09094819703/09057028089
    Thank you
    God bless

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