Since I first tried out the food from Silantro, I have been wanting to go back and sample some of the other dishes I was not able to try before. It’s a good thing my friend (RC) was hell-bent on giving their food a try, so someone was always urging me to go back for another visit. After more than a month of scheduling and failing to push through, it finally happened last weekend.


My food trip buddies for the night! 🙂 To mix things up a bit, I asked RC for his review of Silantro’s food. Maiba naman, hehe.


Beef Nachos | Phph180
RC: I like it. It has a perfect crunch and the beef was a bit sweet which complimented the tomatoes. The melted cheese added flavor to it. I am not familiar with the herbs and spices used but it made the taste more exciting.
Angel: No one should be allowed to leave Silantro without ordering their nachos. Unlike other places I’ve tried, I don’t feel like they scrimped on the toppings. Perfect chips-to-toppings ratio. Best enjoyed with their dips (chili, aioli and cucumber sauce).


Calliente Wings | Php180
RC: I’m a bit disappointed with it. It’s so salty that I can barely get the fiery taste I was expecting. Thank God for the veggies, the saltiness was balanced out a bit.
Angel: I have to agree that the chicken wings were too salty. But unlike RC, I felt like the shredded cabbage didn’t help much. I enjoyed my chicken wing with lots of aioli and chili sauce.


Silantro’s Paella Fajita Mix | Phph250
RC: It was delicious even if I could not explain the taste. But the chicken was overcooked and it came out a bit dry.
Angel: This was surprisingly my favorite dish of the night. I am not a fan of Mexican rice but I loved Silantro’s paella. I have to agree that the grilled chicken was overcooked but it still tasted good. I especially loved the mussels squirted with a bit of lemon. Yummmmmy!


Beef Quesadillas | Php160
RC: I like how tender the wrapper is, it compliments the cheesy flavor. It’s my favorite among the four. But I wonder, kasama ba talaga ang fries sa quesadilla? Hehe.
Angel: This is not like the usual (flat) quesadilla I am used to. This looks more like a soft-shelled taco. That being said, I would have loved the tortilla toasted to a crunch. A filling that is so ooey-gooey-cheesy-messy sandwiched inside a soft tortilla – all that softness and mush made me crave for another texture. But I loved the fries, which is also unconventional to be served with quesadilla. I loved how crunchy it was in the outside but soft and well cooked in the inside. Yum!


RC: Value for money, ambiance and taste – pop na pop! Hope they have wider space para di masyado pumila ng matagal.
Angel: Overall it was a very good meal. Price is cheap, serving size is quite generous and the food was mostly good. Same with RC, I hope they expand or at least put up more tables as we had to wait for over an hour before we got seated. Would still go back despite the possible long wait, though.


Silantro is located at 75 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo Pasig City. They are open daily.

  1. Jhanz says:

    I remember when Silantro first opened and we’d go there as frequently as we can. The food is superb and I love their menu, plus they’re very affordable. 😀

  2. Sherica says:

    Holy shit those look really delicious!!!!!!! ❤

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