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After hours of soaking in the sun and frolicking in the crystal blue waters of Sabang Beach, we went around the town of Baler and visited the former house of Aurora Quezon (Manuel Quezon’s wife). Manuel Quezon was the first President of the Republic of the Philippines.  

The President’s official car – a 1936 Chrysler – in on display. In the Philippines, the number “1” on the car plate means that it is owned by the President. Sadly, the glass case enclosing it made clear pictures impossible. Thankfully, we were able to get a nice photo with the car when we visited the Baler Museum (more of the museum on a separate post).



Just across the street in front of Aurora Quezon’s birthplace is the equally historic Baler Catholic Church. The church is a national historical landmark because it was the site of the last and final traces of Spanish forces in the Philippines.

I was only able to take a peek at the church’s interiors because the sun was bearing down on us really hard plus we were also in a hurry to get to our next destination. Hopefully next time, I would be able to spend a longer time exploring the church. I am already making plans with my roomie about our next  possible visit to Baler, yay! 🙂


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When we entered the aquarium, I was all “Ooooh! Aaaaah!” over the colorful fishies and other sea creatures. There were seahorses and starfishes and baby sharks! 🙂 When we got to the end of the exhibit, my sighs of amazement turned to soft whimpering. There were these HUGE-MONGOUS fishes all over the place! Holy crap! I have never seen a fish as huge as those before. I was very amused, to say the least.


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Puh Toh Tze Temple is a Buddhist temple which stands out with its traditional Chinese roofing and architecture.

Ten large statues of deities adorn the temple with the Goddess of Mercy, Kwan Yin, standing tall at the main entrance of the temple. – Source.

The temple has a very elegant feel with all the gold-plated ornaments scattered all over the place.


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