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After swimming around in the calm waters of Maya Bay, we piled back into our speed boat and made our way to Monkey Beach.Monkey Beach is a must see in Phuket even if it’s just a quick stop on the well-worn track of the Phi Phi Island Tours. Unfortunately for us, the tide was high so we were not able to dock in its white sand beach. That didn’t stop me from admiring the humongous rocks that surround the beach.




Apparently, hundreds of monkeys live in this island. They do not hesitate to come out of their natural habitat to greet tourists that drop by nonstop. Throw some food into the water and be surprised at how fast they scramble (and swim) to get them. I had a good time playing spot the monkey which wasn’t all that easy given the poor state of my eyes. Thanks to my camera phone’s wonderful zooming power, I was able to observe the monkeys more up close.






This is definitely my favorite monkey. I’m not sure if horribly fat or just pregnant, though. LOL.




Cafe Breton is known for their vast selection of crepes – sweet and savory alike. After a yummy Japanese dinner with friends, we wanted something sweet to cap the night off. Cafe Breton was the least crowded place in the area, so we secured ourselves a table on the second floor of their Podium branch.


Timmy’s choice was Fantastic Pinay – mango, nutella, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. It looked prettier than it tasted, LOL. 


Vlad opted for the Tarzan – banana and condensed milk and added a scoop of coffee ice cream on top. The condensed milk was too sweet for me; good thing the coffee ice cream provided a bittersweet distraction.


Rio had Adam and Eve stewed apples with cinnamon and vanilla ice cream. We actually didn’t realize it was vanilla ice cream until we read the menu again. The cinnamon just overpowered everything. But it was still good. 


Mine was a customized one. It had banana and peanut butter, topped with a scoop of chocolate ice cream. It was the best! Of course, I’m biased. LOL. Anything with peanut butter is a winner for me. 

Everything was good and I’m actually excited to go back and try their savory crepes this time. I heard their galettes are good too. Hmmmmm…