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My birthday is just around the corner so I created a list of gifts I want to receive. Because I am materialistic like that. LOLJK. I really don’t expect (and definitely do not oblige) anyone to get me a gift but just in case somebody out there wants to, this would definitely make it easier for them.

Painting materials. I really want to try my hand at painting but I am too lazy to go to an art store and actually buy my supplies. Plus I really hate crowded places so I avoid a trip to the mall as much as I can. Please make a lazy girl’s life better LOL

Instax case and film. I haven’t touched my Instax mini in months since I’m almost out of films. It is also such a bother to carry around without a case. Well actually, that’s not the reason but I just really want a case for it. I found an Instagram shop that sells nice cases – @DEALSONLINE_INSTAX.

Birkenstock sandals. For some reason, I have been crushing on Birkenstocks lately. It would be a nice alternative to my Havaianas slippers when I go out but too lazy to put on some shoes.

Longchamp bag. This too. Everyone seems to have it now but for some reason, I haven’t bought one for myself. Lately, I’ve been wishing I had one because it’s simple and roomy and it looks like it can handle all the stuff that I bring with me everyday.

Baking supplies. So Cris got me an oven but I haven’t gotten around to buying baking supplies. I really would like to try some cookies and pastries but I can’t start just yet because I don’t even have measuring spoons LOL. Buy me stuff and I’ll feed you haha.

That’s all, folks! I might actually just end up buying these stuff for myself (as with previous years huhu #foreveralone #notreally) and I’m perfectly OK with that. Then instead of a wishlist, this will just be my To Buy List hahaha. But seriously, material things are not all that matters. A sincere birthday greeting would honestly suffice.


I know I won’t be the first one you’ll hear (read?) mutter the words “This year has gone by so fast!”. It really did go by so fast and more often than not, I have a hard time coping up with how fast-paced life has seem to become. August is my birthday month and that reminded me to reevaluate how my year has been so far. I honestly don’t have a list of my goals for the year but from January til March, I wrote down monthly targets that I wanted to achieve. Then laziness got the better of me and I started failing almost 50% of my goals and things just went downhill from there, until I eventually stopped making lists. LOL. Nice try, self.

But since I will be turning another year older this month, I decided to give this monthly goal another try. I’m posting my list in here so I will have some sense of accountability (uhmmm to like 5 people who actually read my blog LOL.) So here are the things that I hope to accomplish in August. Here goes nothing!

  1. Read one (1) book. LOL. What a way to start off this list, huh? But seriously. I need to make this my #1 so I will always be reminded how much I have faltered when it comes to reading actual books. I used to go through books really fast but for some reason, it just started being such a hassle for me to lug a book around. Flipping through pages turned to jumping from one online article to another and ~blog-hopping~ and essentially being glued to my phone almost every waking hour. So consider this is a humble start, let’s try one book first.
  2. Drink soda at most five (5) times. One count for each weekend. ILOVESODA. I used to drink it like it’s water. But I know it’s not good for me so I will (once again) try to keep off it. I have tried so many times to quit it cold turkey but I’ve always relapsed. I swear it’s an addiction! The longest I’ve gone without soda was 4 miserable months. For now, I will try to give myself at most one cheat day a week.
  3. Workout at least twice a week. I also used to be more active. I played sports, I went to the gym, I worked out with some friends. I really never got skinny but I got less pudgy. And I felt prettier when I was less pudgy because who wouldn’t, right? But I let it get into my head that I am busy and therefore never made time for workouts. So now, I am committing to at least 2 workout sessions per week. Because I owe this to myself.
  4. Bring packed lunch to work. I love cooking and this shouldn’t be that hard for me to do. Besides, I was able to do this before – bring packed lunch to work 4 out of 5 working days a week (Fridays have always been lunch out days). I just really need to get through this lazy slump.
  5. Go to work earlier. Right now, I start my shift between 12nn and 2pm. This is fine with the company as I actually deal with Frankfurt clients, but I know I need to start going to work earlier than usual so I get to start (and end) my day earlier as well. As a start, I commit to get to work not later than 12 noon.
  6. Deposit to my passbook account. I opened a passbook account so I have some money tucked away in a place harder to access. But I already let more than a year pass without depositing to it. I have my savings sitting in a spare Savings Account with an ATM card and I’m afraid I might (unnecessarily) touch it now that the travel bug has bit me hard and I want to get away every freaking weekend.
  7. Renew my passport. My passport expired last March and I have an international trip on the first week of October so I really have to sort this out. I am such a procrastinator.
  8. Make an artwork. I would really love to try my hands at painting. I would draw but I could only whip out stick figures, and even then, they would be the ugliest stick figures you’ll see. So that’s definitely off limits LOL. I’d like to try painting ‘coz even if it sucks, I would just pass it off as abstract art hahaha!

That’s all I got for now. I really hope I get to accomplish all of this. I have yet to come up with a reward for myself if I successfully finish all 8 goals. How about you guys? Do you have monthly goals set? Or goals for the year maybe? Maybe you could also help me think of an awesome reward, yes?


The “Brothers and Sisters” gang trooped over to Tagaytay to celebrate the birthdays of our January babies – Nero and Jo. We booked an overnight stay at a cozy Bed & Breakfast but decided to have lunch first before checking in.



The celebrators chose BREAKFAST at ANTONIO’S for their birthday lunch. Going up to Tagaytay took us forever and we were so hungry by the time we got to the restaurant. It was already past lunch time and we expected the lunch-hour-crowd to have dissipated, but we expected wrong LOL. We still had to wait for almost 30 minutes before getting seated. No complaints though because the promise of a good lunch kept our spirits up.



Antonio’s Farm Fresh Mesclun Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette (P350) | I hope I am getting the name of this salad right, hahaha! It had boiled egg slices, different types of cheese, some kinds of nuts and seeds, cucumber, bell pepper, assorted leafy greens with a raspberry vinaigrette. LOL. I laugh at my poor attempt at describing this dish. One thing I am sure is that everything on the plate was demolished.




Assorted Bread (P150) | There were five assorted bread slices served in a basket. As far as I can remember; there was raisin, pumpkin, wheat and that’s all I have. Haha! My memory is so bad maybe because I was too hungry to function well. They serve butter and fruit jam with this bread basket. You could ask for more jam if you want to, so go on and indulge! 🙂



Smoked Pork Baby Back Ribs w/ Mexican Rice & Baked Beans (P490) | *A Rack of Pork Ribs marinated and grilled in Barbecue Sauce, served w/ Thick Fries, Garlic Chips and Cilantro. This is in their High Noon Special which they only serve from 11 onwards. I think I missed the garlic chips in this dish but the ribs were good. They were very savory and soft, the meat can easily be pierced off of the bone.



Fish & Chips (P650) | *Dover Sole w/ Chicken Salt and Tartar Sauce. I am not familiar with dover sole nor chicken salt but I know that their tartar sauce was good. I even dipped some of the fries in it because it was that refreshingly good. The fish was also nice, lightly battered and still juicy and flaky. And the fish slices were big, perfect for sharing.



Roast Chicken stuffed w/ Rosemary & Garlic Potato (P600) | Another item in their High Noon Special. The chicken was perfectly done – the breast was still very much juicy and plump. However, the cream sauce came out too salty. Such a shame because I would have loved to slather my chicken with all that creamy goodness.



Mixed Seafood Tagliatelle (P610) | The tomato-based sauce was good, a little on the sour side which I love. It came with a mix of seafood fare – mussels, shrimp, scallops and some kind of fish. The noodles were a tad bit overcooked, bordering on the mushy side. Not pictured was an order of Portabello Tagliatelle (P495) with truffle cream sauce. I LOVED IT! The noodles were perfectly cooked and I just loved the earthy and creamy sauce with generous slices of portabello mushroom.



Arugula Tomato Balsamic Pizza (P490) | We originally ordered this but was informed by our server a few minutes later that they couldn’t serve it because their oven broke down. That’s the reason why we had two orders of pasta instead. However, it turned out that their oven was working after all and that they’ve already prepared this before they got our order cancellation. So our server gave it to us instead, FOR FREE! Yay for free food! Haha. That being said, it was also very good. The crust was thin and crunchy (just how I like it!) and the toppings were fresh and light.



We weren’t really up for dessert because we were all really full by this time. We also ordered drinks (milkshakes and smoothies not pictured) that’s why the craving for something sweet was not there. However, Jo wanted their cheesecake so we ordered a slice of their orange cheesecake. I honestly didn’t like it that much. There was something weird about the orange-mint-cheese combo that I just didn’t appreciate. 



When we were fully satiated, we headed out only to be greeted by thick fog everywhere. I swear, it almost felt like a scene from a horror movie. 



It was also drizzling lightly so we quickly snapped a token souvenir photo at the restaurant’s facade. We were all smiles and filled to the brim – a perfect way to kick off our Tagaytay weekend. 





My Week in Photos (WiP) recap is one week late this time. Life happened. And by life, I mean foodtrip sessions with friends. LOL. This week has been filled with food and clingy friends and much more food. I have grown into a big round ball of happiness. LOL




January 8: Today, I booked a flight to ***. I don’t wanna disclose just yet where I’m headed but I am so excited for new adventures this year. I finally got the corporate giveaway given to employees as a thanksgiving token last Christmas and it further fueled my desire for travel. It’s a “universal adapter” with more than 5 different socket types. Pretty nifty! After work, headed to CGS for dinner at our usual spot: Breakfast in Bed (which I have to blog about because I have been there more than 5 times for the past month).



January 9: Used my new scarf which I bought from Ilocos. It comes in a nice shade of pink (bordering tan) which is so NOT ME! LOL. I also missed my supposed New Year dinner with Lorraine and Ren but I was able to have dinner with the Boni Crew. Had delicious and MSG loaded dinner at Mr. Choi that made me very sleepy immediately after eating. Decided to grab tea from Starbucks before heading home to keep me up just for a bit longer because I didn’t wanna sleep with a full tummy and might end up dying. LOL. I don’t even know if there’s a scientific basis for that.



January 10: Payday Friday! 🙂 Had lunch at McDonald’s because we wanted to take advantage of their New Year deal. 2 pcs fried chicken for just Php95, I’ll take that! Hehe. To help get through the afternoon slump, grabbed milktea from Chatime. It is the most effective upper for me.



January 11: Stayed home all day (well ate least while the sun was still up). Met up with the Boni Crew for dinner at Tok-Yu. Tok-yu is golden. If you want ramen and sashimi for cheap, head on over there. For dessert, we crossed over to Chatime. Turned out to be a bad move because I ended up sleeping close to 4am. Their tea is potent, I tell you.



January 12: MAGINHAWA FOODTRIP!!! It was an afternoon full of food. So much food!!! Watch out for my blog posts about the restaurants that we visited. Our first stop was CRAZY KATSU which I wrote about here: click me!



January 13: Worked the 12pm-9pm shift and availed of the company car service for the first time this year. I was only able to take photos while waiting for the car to arrive. While browsing Instagram, I saw photos of the moon everywhere. There was some phenomenon happening and the moon actually looked pretty. Such a shame it didn’t actually show in my photo.



January 14: Today is my mom’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Mama! ♥♥♥ Was not able to celebrate with her ‘coz I’m away from home but I uttered a tiny prayer for her health and wellness. Speaking of health, look at all the junk food in the office hahaha. And I was really amused with the Ma’am Inasal one (a play on the original Mang Inasal). I left work early and got stuck in traffic; at least my cab looked like a party of some sort with all the lights hehe. And the reason I battled traffic was to get myself a good piece of Tbone steak. We also had milktea after dinner. Oh boy, I really am hooked on milkteas.



This week was full of food, hahaha! So much about getting fit this year, eh?


Since I haven’t blogged in a long time (no shit, Sherlock), I decided to do a photo-a-day challenge to get out of this blogging rut. So I consulted good ol’ Google and clicked on the first one that linked me to the August challenge.

Click photo for original post

So for the first day, below is my entry.


NOTES – all sorts of notes littering my office table. Notepads, notebooks and music notes.

I hope to keep this up and finally get my blogging mojo back. Cheers!

P.S.: It’s my birthday month. Yey!


My birthday is coming up (27th of this month) and I already got my eye on some things I would want to receive… or buy for myself. LOL.


1. Sports bag – I have been lemming for a new sports bag for ages. I think this would motivate me more to actually play sports (badminton! :)) or go to the *ehem* gym, haha! 😀

Something like this, only in a less obnoxious color (aka BLACK) 😀


2. Instax Mini 7s films – I bought my mini a few months back and I’ve already gone through my first set of films. Those photos now beautify my bedroom wall and I would definitely want to add more to it.

There are also films that are more cutesy (Hello Kitty!) but the plain ones would also be OK. 🙂


3. Instax Mini 7s accessories – a macro lens or a sturdy case/bag would be a great add-on to my newest toy.

This would enable me to take macro shots with the mini and it also comes with a mirror thing that makes self-capturing easier

Since I bought it, I have been carrying my mini in the bubble wrap that it came with (#ghetto!), a bag would be a drastic improvement


4. Office bag – It’s true what they say, “A girl can’t have too many bags”. Or does it say shoes? Nevertheless, a new bag is always welcome. I am not really picky with bags. As long as it’s big enough to hold all my things, then I’m good. 🙂


5. A new camera – Haha! I am almost 100% sure that I would just end up buying this for myself but I have really been looking for a new and more handy camera. Lugging my DSLR everywhere is just not gonna cut it. I have my eye on a Lumix, oh baby come to me! lol

It just looks so sleek and sexeeeey! LUST!


That’s pretty much it! 🙂 More than anything, I am excited of the fact that I will be celebrating my 25th birthday with my family back at home. And oh boy, 25! I am getting freaking old! Now let’s get on with that quarter-life crisis thingamajig.



Waaaah! I still cannot believe it’s already August. Time is slipping by real fast, I sometimes feel like I can’t keep up. But I am really excited for August because it’s my birthday month! Woot woot! 😀

Despite being very busy with work for the past two weeks, I am not complaining. I just turned one with Deutsche Bank last July 18, so that’s one thing to be happy about. 🙂 And this month is also looking great, so far.

I am sooooo looking forward to my long vacation! I am going home to visit my family in the province from 18th to 30th of this month. That’s more  than two weeks of home loving with the fambam and excited is an understatement of how I feel right now. I might be also learning how to drive manual *crossed fingers*.

And there’s all the home-cooked meals I need to devour. And the all the seafood! God, I can’t wait! 😀

So cheers to a legendary August, yeah? 😉