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I joined the Weekly Photo Challenge for WordPress to help motivate myself to take more pictures, and share them with  the world. This week’s theme is GROWTH.



Little me during the Christmas Eve mass at our church 🙂

I kinda look like a boy here, haha!

During a visit to our dentist, I had perfectly good teeth while growing up. 🙂

Circa ’94, I gave a speech during our Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony.

During one of my birthday parties at home. We have a tradition where the guests give flowers to the celebrant while they sing a folk birthday song.

I was an active kid at school. Name a school contest, I might have joined it! Here, I was reciting a declamation piece.

I told you, I joined lots of contests! 😀 Here I was during an Interpretative Poetry Reading contest. I was made to wear a traditional costume *facepalm*

Me and my mom. I rocked those boots, LOL.

I also participated in a lot of activities in church. This was during the Mayflower Festival where girls were made to parade around town embodying lady characters from the Bible. I was always “Seniorita” because they said that I was a spoiled lazy brat. NOT!

Junior-Senior prom. I was the Alma Mater and I was on that stage all night long which is a bummer coz I really wanted to sit with my bestfriends!

During High School graduation. With me in the photo are my bestfriends except the one beside me (without a hat). She hated me because I nicked the Valedictorian post from her. LOL.

My yearbook page in college, graduated 2004 🙂


I had to stop myself from putting more pictures because I was actually amazed at my own transformation. Then I realized I can always add more photos along the way, because everyday is an opportunity for us to grow. 🙂