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Not cocaine, you dimwit! I mean Coca-Cola. Oh, the goodness that is Coca-Cola. I used to be really addicted to it. And by addicted I mean crazy asdfghjkjksjf ADDICTED! I used to glug down bottles after bottles of Coke like it’s my job. I would have it with some junk food for breakfast, down my dinner and lunch with it, and not to mention the occasional doses in between meals. It didn’t help that my dad is also a fan, to the point where we would buy them 1L bottles in cases from the Coke distributors in our place.

My mom would endlessly berate us for drinking too much Coke but I guess our brains were drowned in its fizzy goodness to even listen to her. Then came bouts of UTI for me. And I never heard the end of it from my mom. She was yapping and yapping about how Coke triggered my painful pissing. I missed a final exam on a major subject on my graduating sem due to one certain UTI attack and I finally understood what my mom was concerned about. That’s when I decided to inch away from that black fuzzy goodness.

First, I started drinking less of it. BUT, what I lacked in Coke dosage I made up for in my Mountain Dew intake. Total phailage! Then I started drinking more water. My mom would make me set off an alarm every 30 minutes as a reminder for me to drink water. And it actually worked! I was sweating and pissing more. Wonchulukatdat!

For the past years, I have had several attempts on quitting Coke and any other carbonated drink for that matter. The longest ever I have been Coke-less was a few days short of one month. Aside from those moments where I wanted to punch people in the face because I couldn’t get my caffeine and sugar fix, everything went well; I was having less acid pangs and my piss was clearer (LOL, can’t believe I have mentioned my piss in this post 3 times already).

So anyway, I will try to go cold turkey on sodas again. Hopefully, I’d be able to do it on a longer period this time. Some friends have been telling me drink tea instead but I don’t like tea on it’s own. Milk teas I could take, but who am I kidding? Those are sugar-laden evils too! Earlier today, I tried a bag of Lipton tea soaked in hot milk. It didn’t make me gag, but I had a hard time finishing my mug. Hopefully, I’d get used to it over the days.

How about you? Do you also have “drinking problems”? Any tips on how to avoid soda?

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