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I know I won’t be the first one you’ll hear (read?) mutter the words “This year has gone by so fast!”. It really did go by so fast and more often than not, I have a hard time coping up with how fast-paced life has seem to become. August is my birthday month and that reminded me to reevaluate how my year has been so far. I honestly don’t have a list of my goals for the year but from January til March, I wrote down monthly targets that I wanted to achieve. Then laziness got the better of me and I started failing almost 50% of my goals and things just went downhill from there, until I eventually stopped making lists. LOL. Nice try, self.

But since I will be turning another year older this month, I decided to give this monthly goal another try. I’m posting my list in here so I will have some sense of accountability (uhmmm to like 5 people who actually read my blog LOL.) So here are the things that I hope to accomplish in August. Here goes nothing!

  1. Read one (1) book. LOL. What a way to start off this list, huh? But seriously. I need to make this my #1 so I will always be reminded how much I have faltered when it comes to reading actual books. I used to go through books really fast but for some reason, it just started being such a hassle for me to lug a book around. Flipping through pages turned to jumping from one online article to another and ~blog-hopping~ and essentially being glued to my phone almost every waking hour. So consider this is a humble start, let’s try one book first.
  2. Drink soda at most five (5) times. One count for each weekend. ILOVESODA. I used to drink it like it’s water. But I know it’s not good for me so I will (once again) try to keep off it. I have tried so many times to quit it cold turkey but I’ve always relapsed. I swear it’s an addiction! The longest I’ve gone without soda was 4 miserable months. For now, I will try to give myself at most one cheat day a week.
  3. Workout at least twice a week. I also used to be more active. I played sports, I went to the gym, I worked out with some friends. I really never got skinny but I got less pudgy. And I felt prettier when I was less pudgy because who wouldn’t, right? But I let it get into my head that I am busy and therefore never made time for workouts. So now, I am committing to at least 2 workout sessions per week. Because I owe this to myself.
  4. Bring packed lunch to work. I love cooking and this shouldn’t be that hard for me to do. Besides, I was able to do this before – bring packed lunch to work 4 out of 5 working days a week (Fridays have always been lunch out days). I just really need to get through this lazy slump.
  5. Go to work earlier. Right now, I start my shift between 12nn and 2pm. This is fine with the company as I actually deal with Frankfurt clients, but I know I need to start going to work earlier than usual so I get to start (and end) my day earlier as well. As a start, I commit to get to work not later than 12 noon.
  6. Deposit to my passbook account. I opened a passbook account so I have some money tucked away in a place harder to access. But I already let more than a year pass without depositing to it. I have my savings sitting in a spare Savings Account with an ATM card and I’m afraid I might (unnecessarily) touch it now that the travel bug has bit me hard and I want to get away every freaking weekend.
  7. Renew my passport. My passport expired last March and I have an international trip on the first week of October so I really have to sort this out. I am such a procrastinator.
  8. Make an artwork. I would really love to try my hands at painting. I would draw but I could only whip out stick figures, and even then, they would be the ugliest stick figures you’ll see. So that’s definitely off limits LOL. I’d like to try painting ‘coz even if it sucks, I would just pass it off as abstract art hahaha!

That’s all I got for now. I really hope I get to accomplish all of this. I have yet to come up with a reward for myself if I successfully finish all 8 goals. How about you guys? Do you have monthly goals set? Or goals for the year maybe? Maybe you could also help me think of an awesome reward, yes?