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My birthday is coming up (27th of this month) and I already got my eye on some things I would want to receive… or buy for myself. LOL.


1. Sports bag – I have been lemming for a new sports bag for ages. I think this would motivate me more to actually play sports (badminton! :)) or go to the *ehem* gym, haha! 😀

Something like this, only in a less obnoxious color (aka BLACK) 😀


2. Instax Mini 7s films – I bought my mini a few months back and I’ve already gone through my first set of films. Those photos now beautify my bedroom wall and I would definitely want to add more to it.

There are also films that are more cutesy (Hello Kitty!) but the plain ones would also be OK. 🙂


3. Instax Mini 7s accessories – a macro lens or a sturdy case/bag would be a great add-on to my newest toy.

This would enable me to take macro shots with the mini and it also comes with a mirror thing that makes self-capturing easier

Since I bought it, I have been carrying my mini in the bubble wrap that it came with (#ghetto!), a bag would be a drastic improvement


4. Office bag – It’s true what they say, “A girl can’t have too many bags”. Or does it say shoes? Nevertheless, a new bag is always welcome. I am not really picky with bags. As long as it’s big enough to hold all my things, then I’m good. 🙂


5. A new camera – Haha! I am almost 100% sure that I would just end up buying this for myself but I have really been looking for a new and more handy camera. Lugging my DSLR everywhere is just not gonna cut it. I have my eye on a Lumix, oh baby come to me! lol

It just looks so sleek and sexeeeey! LUST!


That’s pretty much it! 🙂 More than anything, I am excited of the fact that I will be celebrating my 25th birthday with my family back at home. And oh boy, 25! I am getting freaking old! Now let’s get on with that quarter-life crisis thingamajig.