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Back when I used to live at a condo unit with a bunch of other girls, we made sure to celebrate things together. It has become one of our traditions to have a Christmas Dinner before every one of us goes home to our beloved families for the holidays. Like me, my girlfriends also love eating and discovering new food and new places to eat at.

For that particular year, we decided to have our annual Christmas dinner at Chef Tatung’s. The place is owned by Chef Myke Sarthou who converted his own home into a private dining gem.

The interiors of the place is pretty homey. The walls are painted a vibrant red that looked very welcoming especially with the gorgeous chairs and table setting. There are also paintings and other trinkets and every corner is “Instagram-worthy”.105596953


While waiting for our food to get served, we made our way to the outside dining area and it was equally charming as the interior. We had to go in after a while though because there were a number of mosquitoes feasting on us. 105599253

On to the food…

These are the only drinks I got to take a picture of.  On the left is Tuba Shake (P110) and the other one is the 4 Seasons Shake (P150). 105594870

What’s a Filipino dinner without rice. We ordered Tatung’s Fried Rice (P160) for us to share.



For our vegetable fill, we got the Gising Gising (P220). I was actually expecting green beans in coconut milk but this one was more like Chopsuey. No complaints though because it had bits and pieces of different kinds of seafood.



I know these were consumed couple years ago but I can’t help myself from drooling right now. This is their Prawns Aligue (P480). Plump and juicy large prawns in a deadly delicious aligue (crab fat) sauce. Yummy!



We also had two orders of the barbecued Pork Belly (400). As evidenced by the photo, the meat was juicy and it had a small amount of fat in it, which we loved.



For desserts, we shared an order of Leche Flan (P60) and Tsoknut Cake (P80). These were demolished in less than five minutes.




Before our dinner ended, Chef Tatung made an appearance to check on us and graciously take a photo with us. What a nice fella!



I’m not sure if this place is still open for business because as I mentioned, this was a couple of years ago. Bad blogger! LOL. But if it is (still open, that is), go check it out! The food is great and you’ll definitely get the bang for your buck. 105605096


This was our last stop for our Maginhawa Foodtrip. We just came from BRGR PROJECT prior to this so we wanted something light to end a day of continuous eating and pigging out. I specifically chose this coffee shop because they have the quirkiest and most colorful interiors. I also love how they have some sort of sakura theme going on.









They also have a lot of stuff on sale that actually blended well with the whole vibe of the place. It was a visual explosion it almost felt like too much after a while.




I was able to take pictures of some of the signs they got painted and displayed all over the store. I wanted to take home the “Umulan Rouge” one. Witty!





I almost don’t wanna write about the food and drinks because to be honest, they really weren’t that good LOL. But they looked cute enough so I’ll just post the pictures haha. The coffee was good, though. It tasted like it was freshly brewed. It also helps that they serve it in such dainty little cups with bejeweled stirring spoons.








Would I go back? Most probably not. LOL. But if you just wanna hang out, drink potent brewed coffee and smoke some sticks; their outdoor sitting area is a perfect spot. And you will never run out of things to look at.

The Iscreamist’s frozen s’mores were very interesting and entertaining to eat (read more about it here.) After getting our fill of liquid Nitrogen, we trooped out of their cozy shop and decided to kill some time by walking around the area. Luckily, there’s a small park just a few steps away. The kid in me became giddy as I sat down one of the swings. Childhood memories came rushing back in.





After quite some time, the real kids started to arrive and we hesitantly made way for the kiddo’s playtime. As if on cue, I saw a vendor sitting under a mango tree. As far as my blurry vision could tell, he sells mango and jicama halves. I’ll have one of that, please! 🙂 Sour and very tangy mango half, topped with a generous dollop of sautéed small shrimps that was a perfect mix of sweet, salty and spicy.





After that little detour, we made our way to BRGR Project. Upon approaching the restaurant, you are greeted with a quirkily designed alfresco seating area. The outdoor chimney is like a promise of customized burger goodness waiting inside for us to partake in. The indoor decorations have the same theme – burger ingredients written all over the walls.





Above the counter area was a huge arrow lit up American diner style. BRGR Project allows you to fully customize your burger according to your liking. For the less adventurous or for those who just can’t be bothered, you can choose from their signature burgers handwritten and displayed in a huge board. All their toppings and sauces are also laid out in the counter. Drool worthy!




We decided to split two burgers among the four of us and got additional two orders of fries done two ways – plain and topped with Mexican chili and cheese. I do not remember what was in the other burger, but my burger (which we dubbed “Angel’s Burger” as a joke) had fried portobello mushrooms in it. THEY WERE DIVINE! I love mushrooms in general but those were just battered and deep-fried to perfection.







Not pictured were our drinks – soda for the boys and homemade iced tea for me. Their iced tea is ~imported~ from their sister company, PINO Restaurant.

I would go back to BRGR Project again if only to get more of those fried portobello mushrooms LOL. I am hooked! 😀




After having our fill of all things fried at Crazy Katsu (see blogpost here: CRAZY KATSU), we made our way to The Iscreamist for dessert. Now, I have wanted to try this place out for the longest time. Whenever I see a video of one of my friends with smoke blowing out their nose, I would feel a tinge of envy.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here. For those who are not aware, The Iscreamist is a unique dessert place that incorporates molecular gastronomy into their food AKA you get to ingest liquid Nitrogen. That alone won me over. I wouldn’t even care if the food was not good. Well, OK maybe I would care a little bit, but I was more interested with the whole she-bang of eating something submerged in liquid Nitrogen.

The interiors of the place was reminiscent of a high school Science room. Makes sense, right? It was pretty cool, despite the lack of air conditioning. Hehe, see what I did there?





We opted to try the Dragon’s Breath in which they give you a cup of liquid Nitrogen then you get to dip your choice of food in it. Unfortunately, the macaron and tiramisu were not available that time so we had to settle with s’mores. One of the staff started filling a pitcher with the liquid Nitrogen and cold smoke wafted all over the place. Dun dun dun… Looks like a horror scene, right? No? OK.



Then our food was served. Each order yields 4 small pieces of s’mores and half a cup of liquid Nitrogen. IT LOOKED SO PRETTY!!! Hahaha! Mind you, it was my first time seeing Nitrogen, LITERALLY.

So what you do is get a piece of the s’mores, dip it in the cup for 7 seconds, then eat it. It wasn’t mind-blowingly good, but fuck yeah, it was cool! Just watch out for freeze burn, hehe.




Just for kicks, here’s a video of me trying this thing out. I know, I know. I look like a doofus. LOL.


Another place I would love to visit again. Hopefully next time, their macarons and tiramisu will be available. Would also love to try their ice creams. Hmmmmmm….