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After parasailing over Manukan Island, we decided to head back to the waters and explore some more. Armed with our rented snorkeling gears and life vests, we made our way to the docks where we earlier saw lots of other tourists lying face down in the water. 😀

The water was kinda murky plus I was using a so-so camera so the photos are far from excellent quality. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed that snorkeling session. There were not that much corals but surprisingly, there was an abundance of fish! Schools of fish would just swim by every now and then.

But I was most entertained by an oddly shaped coral. Can anyone else see BUTT? 😀

And it kinda looks like it just shat a buttload too! LOL! 😀

When we got tired of swimming around, we headed to the shore to devour our lunch before our boat takes us to our next island destination. On our way to the picnic tables, we came across a dead fish.

Poor fishy. 😦



I joined the Weekly Photo Challenge for WordPress to help motivate myself to take more pictures, and share them with  the world. This week’s theme is WRONG.


Plastic wastes floating with a bunch of jellyfish. A dead fish in the shores of Kota Kinabalu. These things would break the hearts of every nature lover. 😦

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In my previous post about Manukan Island, I promised that I would share more pictures of our parasailing adventure.

I actually impressed myself this time because truth be told, I have an irrational fear of heights. It took me two decades to climb up to the tower of the lighthouse in our town. I have been to the lighthouse for like dozens of time, but I never ever dared go to the highest part because I am such a wuss.

So anyway, when the tour officer offered the parasailing deal, I was really hesitant to go. But then I said, fuck it! I am on a vacation and I’d better do something out of my comfort zone! So we went up in the air and the rest is history, lol.


On to the pictures…


During “take off”. The crank sounded really squeaky and that did not help with my nerves. I was soooo afraid for my life!


A different point of view. I took an underwater camera up in the air with me.


I was trembling all over during the first five minutes. But that did not stop me from camwhoring while we’re up there.


Then I took the time to look around and enjoy the view. And boy, WHAT A VIEW! The panorama of the whole island was so beautiful. I couldn’t stop myself from relaxing. But then the boat down there would take a turn and the chains would adjust with that scary sound, and then the little panic attacks start again. Oh boy!


From time to time, the boat driver (or whatever they call the one that controls our flight) would adjust the chains so the balloon would go down so we could dip/drag our feet into the water (think bungee jumping in slow-mo). So much fun!


The next thing I know, we were already going down to the boat. I really enjoyed the ride up there with the gentle breeze and awesome view. I almost wished it would never end. ALMOST. I was more than relieved when my feet touched the boat’s wooden floors. But when the opportunity presents itself again, I would go parasailing in a heartbeat.



Our second day in Kota Kinabalu was dedicated to spending time on the beach. From our lodge, we walked towards Kota Kinabalu’s Jesselton Point jetty where we booked a tour from one of the many tour operators in the area and got a pretty good deal including stops at two islands (Manukan and Mamutik), snorkeling gears, and a parasailing package (!!! – more on a separate entry).



After a short 15-minute boat ride, we arrived at our first destination for the day – Manukan Island. We were instantly taken by the gorgeous view of trees, sand, water, fishes, and well… people in bikinis. Haha! 🙂



We proceeded to pay the conservation fee in order to gain access to the island. There’s a lot to do in the island – from simply lazing under the sun to trying out scuba-doo (an underwater scooter ride). Us? We availed of their parasailing package! 🙂 We hurriedly looked for the boatman to take us parasailing and were the first batch to go up flying that day.

After almost an hour, we went back to shore and put on our snorkeling gears. There were a lot of fishes that day since the water was very calm. They especially were clustered near the boat deck since that’s where the tourists throw the feeds.

After being in the water for quite a while, we found a spot under the trees and ate our lunch. The view while eating was spectacular.



Stay tuned for more island hopping adventures in Kota Kinabalu. 🙂



I joined the Weekly Photo Challenge for WordPress to help motivate myself to take more pictures, and share them with  the world. This week’s theme is MOVEMENT.



Me and my friends in front of Bahia de Baler, a resort in Baler, Aurora.

Me and my friends in front of Museo de Baler.

My cousins on top of a hill overlooking a rocky beach and with a lighthouse in the background.

My friend on Beta Way (a famous walkway in UP Diliman) during one of our “reminiscing-about-university-life-dates”.

My then-roommate during our island tour in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

A friend’s friend, when I tagged along with them on their Tagaytay picnic.

My friends on the last day of this year’s Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark, Pampanga.

Me and my little sister on top of the famous rock formation in our town – “Kapurpurawan” (Burgos, Ilocos Norte)


I love jump shots! 🙂 I don’t know but maybe it’s the Asian in me that keeps wanting to have jump shots wherever I go. Well, jump shots and peace signs. LOL.

Most of the time though, my friends cannot capture me during my jump because they are not that familiar with my camera so I just settle with shooting them instead. I actually have a lot more jump shots in my photo library. A LOT, I tell you! 🙂


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