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After our airport disaster, our fates started to turn for the better. We landed at Singapore safely and unlike in Cebu, zoomed past immigration pretty easily. No unnecessarily idiotic questioning. Claimed our luggage, bought Singaporean moniezzz and took a cab to Ami’s place. Ami used to work with us at Globe and was super kind to adopt us during our entire trip.

After settling down, we walked to a nearby restaurant which was greatly recommended by Ami. Side note: I love the fact how the pedestrians are the real “kings of the roads” in Singapore. You need not wait for the streets to be devoid of cars before crossing. One can cross the road without slowing down their stride and without fears of getting hit by a car because the drivers yield to the pedestrians. Such an orderly city!

Anyway, on to dinner…

We let Ami order for us because she frequents the restaurant so she has the most reliable food choices among us three. Besides, the owners did not present us with a menu.

Our feast for the night: deep fried baby squid, baby kailan in garlic sauce, man tao, and the star of the night, king crab.

Perfectly deep fried baby squid, slathered with sweet sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds, set on a bed of cabbage. Those baby squid were almost too cute to eat. ALMOST, ok. Our growling stomachs won, though. ^__^

Kailan is like kang-kong, only more high-end and tastes better too. I think these kailan were steamed then tossed with garlic sauce.

Man tao is a chinese white bun traditionally paired with chili crabs. These were perfectly crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Plus they were so light on the stomach so it’s ok to eat them even if you’re also eating rice.

You should not visit and live in Singapore without trying the famous Chili King Crab. I’m a sucker for seafood so I really liked this dish. Ami taught us the trick of eating it with man tao – dip the man tao in the chili sauce and let the bread soak it all up. Nomnomnom!

All those goodness were downed with fresh lime (my and Ami’s choice) and wintermelon tea (Nero’s). Funny though, Nero’s drink tasted like my childhood favorite palamig sa kanto. LOL.

It was a very nice way to end the day and officially start our Singapore tour. Thank you Ami for the lovely dinner! ^__^