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After our mini trek to the top of Governor’s Island, we made our way to our next destination – Quezon Island, which was named after our late President Manuel Quezon.



Out of all the other islands, Quezon Island seems to be the busiest. There are large concrete huts all over the island dedicated to all sorts of recreational activities. When we got there, all tables were already occupied mostly by families and we did not even bother fighting for one because we were more interested in swimming rather than just lazing around. We plopped our things under the rock with the Alaminos City sign, and immediately got into the water.


We swam all the way to that floating gazebo (pictured below) mainly because we had nothing else to do, and also because the water near the shore is a little murky due to more construction still ongoing all over the island. I’m afraid this island will be over crowded and abused in a few years’ time. 😦


Midway, we realized that we underestimated the distance of the gazebo from the shore. Not wanting to let our efforts go to waste, we pushed through anyway and made it after quite some time (the strong winds didn’t help much either). It was like a private party in the middle of the sea because not many people dared to swim that far off. When we got back to shore, our boatmen led us to where the giant clams were, but no photos because I didn’t have an underwater camera with me that time. Nonetheless, we thoroughly enjoyed the view of the Giant Clams and corals inhabited by a variety of fishes.


After that long swim, we were quite worn out so we spent some time rolling around the fine white sand, people-watching while trying to get re-energized.


By this time, we were more than ready for our lunch but our boatmen insisted that we just eat when we get to our next destination – which I will share with you next. 🙂

Edit: LOL scratch that last part. As it turns out, I do not have any photos from the day’s last destination but believe me when I say it’s amazing. We rolled around the beach’s powdery white sand and hiked up a hill just to jump down a large basin of water inside a cave. I swear it was amazing. But no pictures, bummer! 😦


After hours of soaking in the sun and frolicking in the crystal blue waters of Sabang Beach, we went around the town of Baler and visited the former house of Aurora Quezon (Manuel Quezon’s wife). Manuel Quezon was the first President of the Republic of the Philippines.  

The President’s official car – a 1936 Chrysler – in on display. In the Philippines, the number “1” on the car plate means that it is owned by the President. Sadly, the glass case enclosing it made clear pictures impossible. Thankfully, we were able to get a nice photo with the car when we visited the Baler Museum (more of the museum on a separate post).



Just across the street in front of Aurora Quezon’s birthplace is the equally historic Baler Catholic Church. The church is a national historical landmark because it was the site of the last and final traces of Spanish forces in the Philippines.

I was only able to take a peek at the church’s interiors because the sun was bearing down on us really hard plus we were also in a hurry to get to our next destination. Hopefully next time, I would be able to spend a longer time exploring the church. I am already making plans with my roomie about our next  possible visit to Baler, yay! 🙂


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