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The street across Patong Beach is lined with establishments – bars, stores, hotels and restaurants. There are different types of bars around, from the usual backpacker’s watering hole to the eccentric A Go-Go Bars. As expected, a good number of lady-boys are walking around offering massages or whatever. Hehe.


On our second night in Phuket, we decided to walk the strip along Patong Beach. I was actually hoping to get a light buzz from one of the bars but my friends weren’t really up for it.


During our long walk, we came across a pink mobile bar. It was our first time to see one so you can just imagine our excitement, haha. It’s painted a very bold pink, decked with blazing lights and blaring out some Thai hip-hop music. It just demands attention. Weirdly enough, no one was around. Not even a single costumer.




Since it was decided that we will no longer drink, we resorted to taking part of Patong’s street food. From grilled meat and seafood, fresh fruits and utterly delicious (and cheap!) crepes – basically anything a night owl would crave for.




I feel like the huge amount of restaurants overwhelmed our hungry tummies because we actually ended up having our dinner at Subway. LOL. It’s quite comical, actually.


After filling our tummies with sandwich and street food, we walked back to our hotel to retire for the night. I hope to get back to Phuket someday and take part of the infamous Patong nightlife. For real, this time.



On our last day in Phuket, we made it a point to squeeze in some more touring before we head to Bangkok for the second leg of our Thailand trip. One of the very friendly hotel staff helped us book a half day tour complete with a private car and our own personal driver. She also helped us score bus tickets to Bangkok that included free pickup from our hotel. Super convenient! But before that, we had to get moving because the rest of Phuket eagerly awaits us.

The first destination of the day: Kata Beach. Kata Beach is one of the most popular beach in Phuket next to Patong. It is much less crowded than Patong so it is a great family destination.




It is safe to swim in Kata Beach because it does not have any drop offs. It is very friendly to children and non-swimmers. Because of the waves, it also is popular among surfers and even hosts a surf competition once a year. While we were there, we saw a couple of surfers in the water.




Much like Patong Beach, benches shaded by parasols are lined up along its one-kilometer shore. I could imagine myself lying down in one of them, staring off into the scenic clear water flanked by hills, sipping on an ice-cold drink. Alas, I didn’t have the luxury of time for that so I went back to our car and took a final parting shot instead. Maybe next time…



When booking for hotels on vacations, we all have a lot of considerations in mind. Location, amenities and affordability are always on the top of my list. Luckily, we found one that meets our standards.

Leelawadee Boutique Hotel is within walking distance from the charming Patong Beach where most of the touristy things are. The hotel has an in-house restaurant with a delicious à la carte menu. What won us over is the free buffet breakfast that comes with our hotel reservation. Hard to resist free things, right?



Every morning, we would make our way down to the restaurant to get our fill of eggs, sausages, and freshly cut fruits. You can request to have some eggs done however you like, and the cook will prep them on the fly. A fairly wide selection of drinks is also available. Cold juice or freshly brewed coffee, whatever floats your boat.




We booked the cheapest room that could fit the three of us. We had zero expectations on how large the room was and we would have been happy with whatever we had as long as we could fit comfortably in it. Imagine our delight when we got ushered to our very large room. Plus points for them letting us into our room waaaaay before the normal check-in time.








Our room was on the second floor which provided a very good view of the swimming pool. The stairway going up to our floor is also gorgeously lit up at night which provided a nice backdrop to some token vanity photos.


Moving on to the pool, we almost always had it all to ourselves. Every afternoon, we would lounge around drinking some local beer and eating some snacks. When we get tired of the water, we move around an upper deck that has a great view of the sun setting from the distance. Aaaaaahhh the tranquility!




The hotel is decorated in a contemporary Thai style and it was fun searching and photographing all the little ornaments scattered all over the lobby. One of my favorite is the bathroom sign near the reception area.

The exceptionally warm service of the hotel crew should also be commended. They always have a warm smile on their face and they’re always ready to cater to our every little special request.



108436480If you are going to Phuket any time soon, I would highly recommend this hotel. You can check their official website here:

Almost a year ago, I traveled to Thailand for the first time with my good friends, Allan and Lorraine. I had a total of six days to spend in this beautiful country so I decided to split my time between Phuket and Bangkok. Plans of meeting up and partying at Pattaya with Vlad and his sister were also in order but did not push through due to time constraints.

Upon landing at Suvarnabhumi Airport, we took a cab that would take us to Don Muang Airport (DMK). From DMK, we will be flying to Phuket where our itinerary officially starts. We were making good time so we had the chance to admire the decor inside the airport. Not used to such grand displays inside an airport, we were quite amused with all the golden things scattered all over the departure area.







After about 90 minutes, we arrived at Phuket International Airport. Another cab ride took us to our hotel. We were way early for check-in so we killed some time having breakfast in their in-house restaurant. I will be making a separate entry on our hotel because it deserves one, hehe. When we finally got to check in; we took a little rest, freshened up and were ready to go out by lunchtime. We asked a tuktuk driver to take us to a restaurant, one that’s close to the beach if possible. True enough, we ended up at a restaurant with a view of the Patong Beach.

For lunch, we had (1) Fried Rice in Pineapple, (2) Spicy Fried Shrimp, (3) Fried Fish with Mushrooms and (4) Pad Thai. It was the most expensive and most rightly so the most delicious Pad Thai of our entire trip. When our food was served, I realized that “fried” in other Asian countries is more of sautéed with some sort of sauce. LOL. Wala lang…







After eating, we decided to stroll around Patong Beach. It’s massive shoreline (the whole stretch is 3.5KM long!!!) was filled with so many tourists and equally numerous locals aggressively urging everyone that passes by them to try whatever they offer. Patong Beach is the main tourist resort in Phuket and understandably so. You can never run out of things to do here – from varying water activities to just lounging around. At night, the bars that line its shores come alive and get filled with so many tourists.







When we got tired of walking along the shore (and all the men coaxing us to try everything), we moved to the street lined with stalls and carts peddling anything and everything under the sun. From shirts, to magnets, to massages, to food – it’s all there! We zoomed in on the crepes because NUTELLA. Haha! We ate our crepes as we walk back to our hotel. We never took a tuktuk to and from Patong Beach again because the distance was manageable after all.




When we got back to our hotel, we immediately changed to our swimming suits and lounged in the pool for a good two hours. We also took advantage of this downtime (and stronger wi-fi) to update our families and social networks. It was getting cold as soon as the sun went down so we decided to get ready for dinner. A few minutes walk from the hotel led us to a group of peddlers offering a lot of street food. We had noodle soup with two different kinds of toppings (beef and chicken), chicken pad thai, and fruit shakes to down them all. Super yummy and cheap street food!






Our first day in Phuket was not too eventful but I couldn’t think of a better way to start our vacation. Come back for the rest of our Thailand stay! 🙂