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Last month, Bossing took us to Enchanted Kingdom. (By “took” I mean he paid for everything) Awesomesauce! Made more awesome by the fact that it’s my first time going there. Hurray!

Waiting for the others to arrive. I IS EXCITES!

Obligatory picture with anything related to EK. LOL. First time eh.

First ride: Flying Fiesta

Goofing off with the bosses while waiting in line at Rialto

Space Shuttle. Freakin adrenaline rush!

Anchors Away. I should have snapped a picture of Jenna's battle face.

Obligatory picture with the wizard thingamajig

Didn't try this one out. Bok bok bok bok!

Log Jam! Super loooooooooong ang pila dito.

Basang sisiw after the Log Jam

Jay shoot some hoops and won toys for us! =)

After the much enjoyable Dodgem ride

Aboard the nakakalulang Wheel of Faith

Wheel of Faith from afar

One out of the shitload (unpretty) photos I took of the firewerkksss

The calm before the storm. LOL. We got to try one of their newest offers, Horror House. We were sweating like pigs after.

I am definitely going back to EK one of these days! ♥♥♥