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PAUL Boulangerie and Patisserie has been around in France since the late 1880’s. After more than 100 years, Filipinos get to vicariously eat ~authentic French~ pastries without leaving the country, thanks to the local franchise brought in by THE Ben Chan.


Luckily, one of the newly opened franchise is very near my office building and on a Friday, my teammates and I decided to have our lunch at PAUL (Bench Tower). While waiting for our orders to be served, we were dished out a complimentary bread basket with butter and jam, and olive oil with balsamic vinegar. The bread was so good especially when dipped in the olive oil and balsamic vinegar mix.


Allan and I split an order of Cream of Asparagus Soup which is their “Soup of the Day” (Phph110). Despite splitting an order between us, I still felt like the serving was generous. It came with an equally delicious slice of bread. I loved it!


Below are what my friends ordered.

“Poulet Citron” (Php280) | An open sandwich topped with marinated chicken breast in lemon and garlic garnished with chopped parsley served warm with a side salad.


“Tartine Saumon Fume” (Php320) | An open sandwich topped with smoked salmon, cucumber and soft white cheese served cold with a side salad.


“Tartine Boeuf” (Php300) | An open sandwich topped with sauteed beef, onions, fresh mushrooms and leeks topped with melted cheddar cheese served warm with a side salad.


“Cuisse de Poulet Rotie” (Php340) | Roasted chicken leg with herbs, served with salad, sauteed potatoes and shallots.

This is my order and it was the last to arrive on the table. Our server kept telling me that they were making sure that my chicken is thoroughly cooked before they serve it to me. I didn’t mind because who likes salmonella, right? And when it finally got to my table, I have to say it was worth the long wait! The chicken was indeed cooked well and perfectly seasoned. I also loved the potatoes but for was missing the shallots (no biggie). I would most probably order this again when I go back to the restaurant.


Overall, my first meal at Paul Boulangerie was very satisfying. Given the similar price range, I prefer this way more than TWG. Just saying. 🙂

I’m starting up on one of the items in my Bucket List: Bring packed lunch to work.

Today’s lunch is nothing fancy, primarily due to the fact that we do not have a stove in the apartment yet so we’re cooking everything on the rice cooker. This entails a longer cooking time as the amount of heat it gives off is not as much as that of a regular stove. Things should be better soon as Nero and I are buying a fridge and stove later after work.

Anyway, I just chopped up some garlic, onions and potatoes. Scratch that. Nero did all the chopping because I was such in a hurry because I needed to be in the office before 8:05am. Thanks Nero! ☺

Sautée the garlic first, let it brown. Put in the onions; stir around until they turn into a transparent color. Then in goes the potatoes. Add some salt and pepper to taste and a tad bit of water for the potatoes to cook well. When almost all the water is absorbed by the potatoes, put in the canned corned beef. And voila! There’s your lunch!

In a futile attempt to keep things healthy, we use brown rice instead of the more usual white one.

I’m looking forward to cooking more dishes in the future. Huzzah for domestication!