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My birthday is coming up (27th of this month) and I already got my eye on some things I would want to receive… or buy for myself. LOL.


1. Sports bag – I have been lemming for a new sports bag for ages. I think this would motivate me more to actually play sports (badminton! :)) or go to the *ehem* gym, haha! 😀

Something like this, only in a less obnoxious color (aka BLACK) 😀


2. Instax Mini 7s films – I bought my mini a few months back and I’ve already gone through my first set of films. Those photos now beautify my bedroom wall and I would definitely want to add more to it.

There are also films that are more cutesy (Hello Kitty!) but the plain ones would also be OK. 🙂


3. Instax Mini 7s accessories – a macro lens or a sturdy case/bag would be a great add-on to my newest toy.

This would enable me to take macro shots with the mini and it also comes with a mirror thing that makes self-capturing easier

Since I bought it, I have been carrying my mini in the bubble wrap that it came with (#ghetto!), a bag would be a drastic improvement


4. Office bag – It’s true what they say, “A girl can’t have too many bags”. Or does it say shoes? Nevertheless, a new bag is always welcome. I am not really picky with bags. As long as it’s big enough to hold all my things, then I’m good. 🙂


5. A new camera – Haha! I am almost 100% sure that I would just end up buying this for myself but I have really been looking for a new and more handy camera. Lugging my DSLR everywhere is just not gonna cut it. I have my eye on a Lumix, oh baby come to me! lol

It just looks so sleek and sexeeeey! LUST!


That’s pretty much it! 🙂 More than anything, I am excited of the fact that I will be celebrating my 25th birthday with my family back at home. And oh boy, 25! I am getting freaking old! Now let’s get on with that quarter-life crisis thingamajig.


The weather in Manila has once again gone berserk. These past few days, it was pouring down hard. But today, the mighty sun’s rays pierced through my bedroom window and roused me from sleep before my alarm clock did. Annoying! Unfortunately, I had ~girly pains~ so I decided to go to work late, (12-9pm) instead of the usual 9am-6pm  shift.


The other day, I watched The Amazing Spider-man. Andrew Garfield is oh so hansummm! But Emma Stone elicited more squeals from me, heh. I just love her to bits. 🙂 But I like her more as a brunette. It’s as if the blonde hair softened her personality – well maybe that was the intention after all since the role she plays in this movie is not really a gutsy/ quirky one. In any case, the movie was still great. It was too great, I even dreamt about the slimy lizard villain. Ulk. Movie #37 out of my target 100 for the year. 🙂


Then yesterday was the hump-est of all Wednesday humpdays. I woke up feeling depressed and lost. I felt as if I am not having the most quality relationships. But then I keep questioning if I’m just being choosy and nit-picky. Bottomline: I keep liking people who don’t like me back. And the people who actually like me? I question their intentions and push them away. Bah! I just can’t with all these feelings.


It makes me wonder if I am already on the onset of my so-called quarter life crisis. For crying out loud, I am just about to turn 25 in more than a month’s time and this quarter life shite dares to show its ugly face this early on. Meh.


But then again, maybe it’s just the PMS… Oh the joys of being a girl!