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Borawan is a play on two words – Boracay and Palawan. It’s an island named so because, as some people claim, it has white sand reminiscent of Boracay and rock formations the same as Palawan’s limestone cliffs. If one gets the chance to have the Boracay and Palawan experience in one at a measly price, one grabs it.


My friends and I boarded a bus bound to Lucena, got off at the Grand Terminal. Got on a mini bus and alighted at the town of Padre Burgos where we got on tricycles that brought us to the port. From there, we rented a boat that would take us to Borawan Beach. Someone gave us a tip that people usually do the Borawan to Dampalitan route so we decided to go against the flow of people and camp out at Dampalitan Island instead.


Upon arrival to the island, we pitched our tents and settled down for the day.



In all fairness, Dampalitan Island’s sand could pass up as Boracay’s shores from afar. While the sun is shining its brightest, the white sand seems to glow it almost hurts the eyes.




After lunch and a quick nap, the water level went down low enough to reveal a little sandbar. We walked on the sandbar and took photos farther out into the sea. That entertained us for about 30 minutes until it got too hot to be enjoyable. We went back under the shade and napped some more while waiting for the sun to go down. When it got a little cooler, we explored the opposite side of the shore and came across some sea friends.




We watched the sun set and it was beautiful. It was made better by the absence of a big crowd. Guess going against the norm paid off, after all.




When it got dark, we cooked and had our dinner. We built a fire and drank and danced around it. We also roasted marshmallows for our s’mores. It was a great night. 🙂




The next day, our boat came by and brought us to Borawan Beach.




I had to agree that the cliffs do resemble the limestone formations in Palawan albeit being miniature compared to the real thing. When we got to the island, there was a group of rock climbers uhmmmmm climbing the rocks LOLOLOL. We contented ourselves in climbing on top the less intimidating ones and swimming around the clear waters. We didn’t really do much at Borawan Island and I have to say that I liked Dampalitan better.




Borawan is being marketed better than what it actually is. But if you’re looking for a new beach to explore this summer, it is still worth the try.

After having our fill of all things fried at Crazy Katsu (see blogpost here: CRAZY KATSU), we made our way to The Iscreamist for dessert. Now, I have wanted to try this place out for the longest time. Whenever I see a video of one of my friends with smoke blowing out their nose, I would feel a tinge of envy.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here. For those who are not aware, The Iscreamist is a unique dessert place that incorporates molecular gastronomy into their food AKA you get to ingest liquid Nitrogen. That alone won me over. I wouldn’t even care if the food was not good. Well, OK maybe I would care a little bit, but I was more interested with the whole she-bang of eating something submerged in liquid Nitrogen.

The interiors of the place was reminiscent of a high school Science room. Makes sense, right? It was pretty cool, despite the lack of air conditioning. Hehe, see what I did there?





We opted to try the Dragon’s Breath in which they give you a cup of liquid Nitrogen then you get to dip your choice of food in it. Unfortunately, the macaron and tiramisu were not available that time so we had to settle with s’mores. One of the staff started filling a pitcher with the liquid Nitrogen and cold smoke wafted all over the place. Dun dun dun… Looks like a horror scene, right? No? OK.



Then our food was served. Each order yields 4 small pieces of s’mores and half a cup of liquid Nitrogen. IT LOOKED SO PRETTY!!! Hahaha! Mind you, it was my first time seeing Nitrogen, LITERALLY.

So what you do is get a piece of the s’mores, dip it in the cup for 7 seconds, then eat it. It wasn’t mind-blowingly good, but fuck yeah, it was cool! Just watch out for freeze burn, hehe.




Just for kicks, here’s a video of me trying this thing out. I know, I know. I look like a doofus. LOL.


Another place I would love to visit again. Hopefully next time, their macarons and tiramisu will be available. Would also love to try their ice creams. Hmmmmmm….


I love camping! If only I could go home every summer to attend our church’s week-long Summer Camp I would. But then, work and other responsibilities get in the way. The closest thing to camping I have ever done as of late is spending the New Year’s Eve at the beach drinking lukewarm beer.

Then came summer outing with 25C Girls. It was a toss among Ligpo Island, Pinatubo Trek, and Nagsasa Cove. Ligpo Island was dismissed due to some shite by the Taal Volcano. Pinatubo was never my choice coz I didn’t wanna tire myself out during a vacation. So Nagsasa Cove it is!

We left the Metro hours past midnight of Friday. We arrived at Pundaquit just before the sun rises Saturday morning.

From Pundaquit, we took an almost hour-long boat ride to the island of Nagsasa. We passed through Anawangin along the way which was barely 15 minutes away from the shores of Pundaquit.

Toblerone Island

Sperm Whale Island

Upon arrival, we set up our tents and cooked breakfast. Cooking took a long time because we went hardcore back to basics with stones and tree branches and all that shite. I also may or may have not burnt some of my hair in the process.

After eating, we slathered ourselves with sunblock and plopped our satiated selves under the trees to play some good ol’ Pusoy Dos.

Binibining Espasol 2011

Manong sorbetero passed by and we were amazed by the presence of ice cream on a far away island that we just had to buy from him. Not to mention it was scorching hot. Of course, like other things in the island, his ice creams were overpriced.

Then the heat became unbearable so we headed back to our little kubo to play cards some more and eat our very delish lunch.

To cap off our very filling lunch, we took swigs of beer and Tanduay Ice (as if the heat from the sun wasn’t enough). We passed the time with heart to heart talks and status updates. Finally we couldn’t contain ourselves any longer so we decided to take a dip in the water.

Jing and Nero stayed behind and explored around. They came upon a lake which was also very picturesque.

We stayed in the water until the sun set and our fingers (and some other parts) got wrinkly.

We bathed in the only communal latrine and the next thing we know, it has already gone dark. Lo and behold, we didn’t bring any lamps! So bonfire it is. We barbecued some pork, hotdogs and devoured tons and tone of s’mores. Aaaaahhhh life is good!

The next day, we were supposed to go to Capones to check out the lighthouse. However, we loved our found “spa” too much that we decided to just stay in Nagsasa and drink tequila by the beach.

Then finally it was time to go. Again we took the hour-long boat ride back to Pundaquit where our van was waiting to take us back to Manila. I terribly, terribly enjoyed my time at Nagsasa and will definitely be going back there at the first chance I get.