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Phuthai Souvenir Markets and Handicrafts is the biggest souvenir store in Phuket. I read somewhere that the tour drivers may receive petrol coupons when they bring tourists to the store. This might just be true because there were a lot of tourists there when we dropped by.


They have lots of novelty items for sale that are good as take home souvenirs or gifts to friends and family back home. Honestly, majority of the items are quite expensive so we mostly just browsed around, looking for cheap deals.


For some reason, the store contained a lot of bags that are designed to look like owls. Maybe the Thais have a fascination for owls? LOL, I dunno…market3

I also did not get the toy snakes and the can opener. Are these signature Thai items? The photo album in the middle is actually pretty nice but very expensive so I did not buy it.market4These pens were far more affordable and actually made more sense than most of the random items all around. I walked out of the store with packs of pens that I gave away to office mates and friends when I got back from my vacation.


If I had the extra money (and a beautiful house to hang them up on), I would have taken home one of these wood carvings. Maybe next time…


As mentioned, most of the items in the store are expensive so it’s actually better to wait til you get to Bangkok for your pasalubong shopping. That is if you’re heading to Bangkok after which is exactly what we did. That being said, Phuthai Souvenir Markets is still worth the visit.


I don’t know exactly when it started, but I like checking local zoos out when I travel to new places. There’s nothing like the rancid smell of mixed animal pee and poo in  the air. Heh. But I do love visiting those animals, though some say it’s inhumane to keep them in a controlled environment. Whatever lol.


We squeezed in a trip to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park during our city tour in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

The squirrel monkey was really hard to photograph as it kept jumping around from one place to another. Super hyper and elusive! The peacock, however, seemed bored and was just standing around. Heh. It even went up near the edge of the cage as if begging for a close up. It’s pretty cool how these two seemingly opposite creatures were put together in just one enclosure.

I spent a considerable amount of  time watching this baby elephant try to get into the bathing pool. #supercute!!! He would put one foot in then slowly retreive back. Then just decides to dip his trunk into the water. After some time, he tries with the foot again. I eventually just got bored and moved on to other attractions.

We were able to catch the animal show with a painting baby orangutan, hula hooping bird and puzzle solving parrot. I’ve always admired zoo trainers. The amazing bond they have with the animals never cease to amaze me.

At one point, the host picked people from the audience to do stuff with the show animals. And boy, oh boy! I was lucky (NOT!)  to be called up front when they took out the snake. I don’t like snakes! I don’t like creepy crawlies! The snake wasn’t even that big but cold sweat drenched me as I savored my 5 minutes of fame (or shame). LOL.